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Appendix 3: Abbreviations

A/ Acting
AA&QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
AA Anti-aircraft
A Assistant
ABDACOM American, British, Dutch, Australian Command
AG Adjutant-General
AGH Australian General Hospital
AHQ Army Headquarters
APM Assistant Provost Marshal
Armd Armoured
Arty Artillery
A-Tk Anti-tank
AVM Air Vice-Marshal
Bde Brigade
BGS Brigadier, General Staff
BM Brigade Major
Bn Battalion
BRA Brigadier, Royal Artillery
Brig Brigadier
Bty Battery
Capt Captain
Cav Cavalry
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
Cdr Commander
CE Chief Engineer
CGS Chief of the General Staff
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
Cmdre Commodore
CO Commanding Officer
Col Colonel
Comd Command, Commanded, Commander
Comdt Commandant
Coy Company
Cpl Corporal
CRA Commander, Royal Artillery(of a Division)
CRE Commander, Royal Engineers(of a Division)
DAAG Deputy Assistant Adjutant-General
DADOS Deputy Assistant Director of Ordnance Services
D Deputy, Director
DDS&T Deputy Director of Supply and Transport
DGMS Director-General of Medical Services
Div Division
DMI Director of Military Intelligence
DMS Director of Medical Services
DMT Director of Military Training
Dvr Driver
Engrs Engineers
Fd Field
Gen General
GHQ General Headquarters
Gnr Gunner
GOC General Officer Commanding
Gp Group
GSO1 General Staff Officer, Grade 1
How Howitzer
HQ Headquarters
IG Inspector-General
Indep Independent
Ind India, Indian
Inf Infantry
Int Intelligence
IO Intelligence Officer
L of C Lines of Communication
L-Cpl Lance-Corporal
LH Light Horse
LHQ Land Headquarters
Lt Lieutenant
MD Military District
ME Middle East
MGGS Major-General, General Staff
MG Machine-Gun
MGO Master-General of the Ordnance
Min Minister
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NG New Guinea
Ops Operations
Ord Ordnance
Pdr Pounder
Pte Private
RAP Regimental Aid Post
Regt Regiment
Rfct Reinforcement
RHA Royal Horse Artillery
RMO Regimental Medical Officer
R Royal
RSM Regimental Sergeant-Major
SC Staff Captain
Sgt Sergeant
Spr Sapper
Sqn Squadron
S-Sgt Stall-Sergeant
Svy Survey
SWPA South-West Pacific Area
T/ and Temp Temporary or Temporarily
TAF Tactical Air Force
Tk Tank
Tpr Trooper
Tps Troops
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
WO Warrant-Officer

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