List of Events from 31 March 1939 to 25 March 1941

Events described in this volume are printed in italics

1939 31 Mar The British Prime Minister announces British and French guarantees to Poland
23 Aug Russo-German pact of non-aggression signed
1 Sept German army invades Poland
3 Sept Britain and France declare war on Germany; Australia and New Zealand declare war on Germany
29 Sept Russo-German treaty partitioning Poland
30 Nov Russia invades Finland
1940 9 Jan First AIF contingent embarks
10 May German army invades Holland and Belgium
4 June Embarkation from Dunkirk completed
10 June Italy declares war
22 June France signs armistice with Germany
10 July–Nov Battle of Britain
13 Sept Italian army invades Egypt
22–23 Sept Japanese occupy bases in Indo-China
28 Oct Italian army invades Greece
11–12 Nov Fleet Air Arm attacks Italian naval base at Taranto
9 Dec Battle of Sidi Barrani begins
18 Dec Hitler directs that preparations be made to attack Russia
1941 3–5 Jan Battle of Bardia
21–22 Jan Battle of Tobruk
30 Jan Australians enter Derna
6 Feb Australians enter Benghazi
18 Feb Australian troops arrive at Singapore
22–24 Feb Athens conference on British aid to Greece
11 Mar Lend-Lease bill signed by President of United States
21 Mar Australians capture Giarabub
25 Mar Keren falls