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List of Events from 22 February to 8 December 1941

Events described in this volume are printed in italics

1941 22-23 Feb

Athens conference on British aid to Greece

11 Mar President Roosevelt signs Lend-Lease Bill
26-27 Mar

Revolution in Yugoslavia

28 Mar

Battle of Cape Matapan

31 Mar Enemy counter-attack in North Africa
6 Apr

German army invades Greece and Yugoslavia

11 Apr Siege of Tobruk begins
22 Apr

Embarkation of troops from Greece begins

2 May

Iraqi forces attack Habbaniya

20 May

German troops descend on Crete

27 May

Bismarck sunk 400 miles west of Brest

31 May

Iraqi revolt collapses

1 June

Embarkation from Crete completed

8 June

Allied invasion of Syria opens

15 June British offensive opens in Western Desert
21 June

Allied troops enter Damascus

22 June Germany invades Russia
3 July

Palmyra surrendered to British forces

9 July

Damour falls

12 July

Armistice in Syria

25 Aug

British and Russian troops enter Iran

29 Aug Mr Fadden becomes Prime Minister of Australia
19 Sept Germans occupy Kiev
7 Oct Mr Curtin becomes Prime Minister of Australia
18 Oct General Tojo becomes Prime Minister of Japan
18 Nov British offensive in Western Desert opens
28 Nov Russians retake Rostov
7-8 Dec Japanese attack Malaya and Pearl Harbour