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List of Events from March 1941 to December 1942

Events described in this volume are printed in italics

1941 31 Mar Enemy counter-attack in North Africa
3 Apr British evacuate Benghazi
6 Apr Germans invade Greece and Yugoslavia
7 Apr British and Australian troops evacuate Derna. Generals O’Connor and Neame captured by Germans
11 Apr Siege of Tobruk begins
14 Apr General Morshead appointed commander of Tobruk fortress
22 Apr Embarkation of troops from Greece begins
20 May Germans invade Crete
27 May German battleship Bismarck sunk 400 miles west of Brest
8 Jun Allied invasion of Syria begins
15–17 Jun Operation Battleaxe
22 Jun Germany invades Russia
12 Jul Armistice in Syria
29 Aug Mr Fadden becomes Prime Minister of Australia
7 Oct Mr Curtin becomes Prime Minister of Australia
18 Nov British offensive in Western Desert (Operation Crusader) begins
30 Nov Germans capture Sidi Rezegh
7–8 Dec Japanese attack Malaya and Pearl Harbour
10 Dec Prince of Wales and Repulse sunk off Malaya
26 Dec British garrison at Hong Kong surrenders to Japanese
1942 23 Jan Japanese capture Rabaul
19 Feb First Japanese air raid on Darwin
8 Mar Japanese occupy Lae and Salamaua
17 Mar General MacArthur arrives in Australia
26 Mar General Blamey becomes Commander-in-Chief, Australian Military Forces
5-8 May Battle of the Coral Sea
20 May Allied forces withdraw from Burma
31 May–1 Jun Japanese midget submarines attack Sydney Harbour
4–6 Jun Battle of Midway Island
21 Jun Axis forces capture Tobruk
25 Jun General Auchinleck assumes command of the Eighth Army
9th Australian Division ordered to move to Egypt
21 Jul Japanese land in Gona area, Papua
7 Aug Americans land in the Solomons
13 Aug General Montgomery takes command of the Eighth Army
15 Aug General Alexander succeeds General Auchinleck as Commander-in-Chief Middle East
25–26 Aug Japanese land at Milne Bay
30–31 Aug Battle of Alam el Halfa
1 Sep Operation Bulimba
23–24 Oct Battle of El Alamein begins
2 Nov Kokoda recaptured
7-8 Nov Allied landings in French North Africa
9 Dec Australians capture Gona