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Appendix 7: Books by Australian Prisoners of the Japanese

Note: Only books describing the life of prisoners of war are included.

Aitken, E. F. The Story of the 2/2nd Australian Pioneer Battalion. Melbourne, 2/2nd Pioneer Battalion Association, 1953.

Bancroft, A., & Roberts, R. G. The Mikado’s Guests. Melbourne, Paterson Printing Press, N.D.

Braddon, R. The Piddingtons. London, Werner Laurie, 1950.

Braddon, R. The Naked Island. London, Werner Laurie, 1952.

Bulcock, R. Of Death But Once. Melbourne, F. W. Cheshire, 1947.

Forbes, G. K., Clayton, H. S., Johnston, D. S., & Britz, J. H. Borneo Burlesque. Sydney, produced by H. S. Clayton, 1947. Limited edition.

Foster, F. Comrades in Bondage. London, Skeffington & Son, N.D.

Greener, L. No Time to Look Back. London, Victor Gollancz, 1951.

Jacobs, J. W., & Bridgland, R. J. (editors). Through: The Story of the Signals 8 Australian Division and Signals AIF Malaya. Sydney, 8 Division Signals Association, 1950.

Jeffrey, Betty. White Coolies. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1954.

Kent Hughes, W. S. Slaves of the Samurai. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1946.

McCabe, G. Pacific Sunset. Hobart; Oldham, Beddome & Meredith, N.D.

Penfold, A. W., Bayliss, W. C., & Crispin, K. E. Galleghan’s Greyhounds: The Story of the 2 /30th Australian Infantry Battalion. Sydney, 2/30th Battalion Association, 1949.

Rivett, R. Behind Bamboo. Sydney, Angus & Robertson, 1946.

Simons, Jessie Elizabeth. While History Passed. Melbourne, William Heinemann, 1954.

Summons, W. I. Twice Their Prisoner. Melbourne, Oxford University Press, 1946.

Whitecross, R. H. Slaves of the Son of Heaven. Sydney, Dymock’s Book Arcade, 1951.

Ziegler, O. L. (editor). Men May Smoke. Sydney, 2/18th Battalion Association, 1948.