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List of Events from 1931 to 20 May 1942

Events more particularly described in this volume are printed in italics

1931-32 Japan establishes puppet state of Manchukuo
1936 25 Nov Japan signs Anti-Comintern Pact with Germany
1937 7 July Beginning of general attack by Japanese forces on China
13 Aug Fighting begins between Japanese and Chinese troops at Shanghai
1938 29 Sept Munich Agreement signed by United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy
1939 1 Sept German Army invades Poland
3 Sept Britain and France declare war on Germany; Australia declares war on Germany
1940 9 Jan First AIF contingent embarks for Middle East
9 Apr Germans invade Denmark and Norway
10 May German Army invades Holland and Belgium
4 June Embarkation from Dunkirk completed
10 June Italy declares war
22 June France signs armistice with Germany
17 July

Burma Road closed for three months

22 Sept

Japan granted bases in Indo-China

27 Sept

Tripartite Pact between Germany, Italy and Japan

27 Dec German raider shells Nauru Island phosphate loading plant
1941 3-5 Jan Battle of Bardia
6 Feb Australian troops enter Benghazi
18 Feb Australian troops arrive at Singapore
6 Apr German Army invades Greece and Yugoslavia
20 May German troops descend on Crete
8 June Allied invasion of Syria begins
22 June Germany invades Russia
24 July

Japanese troops land in south Indo-China

26 July

United States Government freezes Japanese assets in the United States

General MacArthur appointed to command United States Army in Far East

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25 Aug British and Russian troops enter Iran
7 Oct Mr Curtin becomes Prime Minister of Australia
17 Oct General Tojo becomes Prime Minister of Japan
7-8 Dec Japanese attack Malaya and Pearl Harbour
10 Dec

H.M.S. Prince of Wales and H.M.S. Repulse sunk

11 Dec Germany and Italy declare war on United States
26 Dec Fall of Hong Kong
1942 23 Jan Japanese force attacks Rabaul
30 Jan Japanese force attacks Ambon
31 Jan Defending forces in Malaya withdraw to Singapore Island
15 Feb Singapore Island surrenders
19 Feb First Japanese air raids on Darwin
19-20 Feb Japanese forces land on Timor
28 Feb–1 Mar Japanese forces land in Java
8 Mar Japanese troops enter Rangoon
9 Apr United States forces on Bataan surrender
6 May United States forces on Corregidor surrender
20 May Allied forces withdraw from Burma