Appendix 4: Abbreviations

A Acting, Assistant
AA Anti-aircraft
AA&QMG Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General
AAMC Australian Army Medical Corps
AASC Australian Army Service Corps
ABDA American, British, Dutch, Australian
a/d Aerodrome
Admin Administration, administrative
ADMS Assistant Director Medical Services
Adv Advanced
AEME Australian Electrical Mechanical Engineers
AF Air Force
AFA Australian Field Artillery
AGH Australian General Hospital
AGT Australian General Transport
AHQ Army Headquarters
AIF Australian Imperial Force
Amb Ambulance
AMF Australian Military Forces
AN&MEF Australian Naval and Military Expeditionary Force
Angau Australian New Guinea Administrative Unit
Armd Armoured
Arty Artillery
Appts Appointments
ATIS Allied Translator and Interpreter Section
A-Tk Anti-tank
AWAS Australian Women’s Army Service
BBCAU British Borneo Civil Affairs Unit
BCOF British Commonwealth Occupation Force
Bde Brigade
BGS Brigadier, General Staff
BM Brigade Major
Bn Battalion
Brig Brigadier
Bty Battery
Capt Captain
Cav Cavalry
CCS Casualty Clearing Station
Cdo Commando
Cdr Commander
CE Chief Engineer
C-in-C PAC Commander-in-Chief Pacific
CO Commanding Officer
COIC Combined Operations Intelligence Centre
Comd Command, Commander, Commanded
Comdt Commandant.
Con Convalescent
COSC Combined Operational Services Command
Coy Company
CRA Commander, Royal Artillery (of a division)
CRE Commander, Royal Engineers (of a division)
CTF Commander Task Force
Cttee Committee
D Deputy, Director, Directorate
DDMS Deputy Director of Medical Services
DDST Deputy Director of Supply and Transport
DGMS Director-General of Medical Services
Div Division
DMI Director of Military Intelligence
DMO Director of Military Operations
Ech Echelon
Fd Field
FELO Far Eastern Liaison Office
Gen General
GHQ General Headquarters
GOC General Officer Commanding
Gp Group
GSO1 General Staff Officer, Grade 1
Hist Historical
HQ Headquarters
Hvy Heavy
Hyg Hygiene
i/c in command
Indep Independent
Inf Infantry
IO Intelligence Officer
JW Jungle Warfare
L-Cpl Lance-Corporal
LH Light Horse
LHQ Allied Land Forces Headquarters
LMG Light machine-gun
LO Liaison Officer
L of C Lines of Communication
Lt Lieutenant, light
Maj Major
MD Military District
ME Middle East
Med Medium
MG Machine-gun
MGGS Major-General, General Staff
MGO Master General of the Ordnance
MHR Member of the House of Representatives
Mil Military
MLA Member of the Legislative Assembly
M MG Medium machine-gun
Movt Movement
Mtd Mounted
Mtn Mountain
NG New Guinea
NGIB New Guinea Infantry Battalion
NGVR New Guinea Volunteer Rifles
NT Northern Territory
Ops Operations
OC Officer Commanding
PA Personal Assistant
PIB Papuan Infantry Battalion
PM Provost Marshal
Pnr Pioneer
PR Public Relations
Pro Provost
PW Prisoner of War
R Royal
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
RAE Royal Australian Engineers
RAETC Royal Australian Engineers Training Centre
RANVR Royal Australian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RAP Regimental Aid Post
RAR Royal Australian Regiment
Regt Regiment
Rfn Rifleman
Rft Reinforcement
RMO Regimental Medical Officer
RSS&AILA Returned Sailors’, Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Imperial League of Australia
SEAC South-East Asia Command
Sec Section, Secretary
Sgt Sergeant
Sig Signals, Signalman
SOPAC South Pacific (Command)
Spr Sapper
Sqn Squadron
S-Sgt Staff-Sergeant
SWPA South-West Pacific Area
Tk Tank
Trg Training
Tpr Trooper
Tps Troops
UK United Kingdom
USASOS United States Army Services of Supply
VDC Volunteer Defence Corps
W Wing
WO1 Warrant-Officer, Class 1
Yeo Yeomanry