List of Events from April 1943 to September 1944

Events described in this volume are printed in italics

1943 23 Apr Kanga Force dissolved and Headquarters 3rd Division takes over direction of Salamaua campaign
11 May American forces land on Attu in Aleutian Islands
13 May Campaign in Tunisia ends
11 June British forces capture Pantelleria
30 June Main American landings on New Georgia, in Central Solomons
Nassau Bay landing
10 July Allies invade Sicily
14-24 Aug First Quebec Conference
19 Aug Japanese abandon positions on Mount Tambu and Komiatum Ridge
26 Aug Headquarters 5th Division takes over direction of Salamaua campaign
3 Sept Allies invade Italy
4 Sept 9th Division lands at Red Beach, east of Lae
5 Sept American parachutists land at Nadzab
11 Sept Salamaua falls
16 Sept 7th and 9th Divisions enter Lae
19-20 Sept Independent Company troops capture Kaiapit
22 Sept Troops of the 9th Division land at Scarlet Beach
2 Oct Finschhafen village and harbour falls to 9th Division
4 Oct Elements of 7th Division capture Dumpu
27 Oct New Zealand troops land on Stirling and Mono Islands in the Treasury Group
1 Nov Americans land on Bougainville in northern Solomons
20 Nov American forces invade Makin and Tarawa in Gilberts
25 Nov Sattelberg falls to the 9th Division
28-30 Nov Teheran Conference
15 Dec Americans land on New Britain
1944 2 Jan American Sixth Army task force lands at Saidor
9 Jan Allied forces overrun Maungdaw on Arakan front in Burma
23 Jan Troops of the 7th Division clear Shaggy Ridge
31 Jan Americans invade Marshall Islands
10 Feb Australian troops link with Americans at Saidor
15 Feb 3rd New Zealand Division invades Green Islands
29 Feb American forces land on Los Negros in Admiralty Islands
8 Apr Soviet forces open offensive in the Crimea
13 Apr Australians enter Bogadjim
22 Apr Americans land at Hollandia and Aitape
24 Apr Australians enter Madang
26 Apr Australians occupy Alexishafen
27 May Americans land on Biak Island
4 June Allies enter Rome
6 June Allies invade Normandy
15 June Americans invade Saipan in Marianas
19-20 June Naval battle of Philippine Sea
2 July Americans land on Noemfoor
21 July Americans invade Guam
30 July Japanese begin withdrawal from Myitkyina, Burma
4 Aug British Eighth Army reaches Florence, concluding campaign for central Italy.
7 Aug Russian summer offensive halts, having advanced over 400 miles from the Dnieper to the Vistula
15 Aug Allies invade southern France
12-16 Sept Second Quebec Conference
15 Sept Americans land in Palau Islands and on Morotai in Halmaheras