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Appendix 6: Order of Battle of the 7th Division at Balikpapan

The following Order of Battle shows the units under the command or in support of the commander of the 7th Australian Division for the attack on Balikpapan:

Order of Battle

Part I: 7 Aust Div Units

HQ Units

HQ 7 Aust Div

2 Aust Operational Report Team

Det Directorate of Public Relations

4 Flt 1 Aust Mobile Meteorological Sqn

7 Aust Mil History Fd Team (LHQ Tps)


2/7 Aust Cav (Cdo) Regt


HQ RAA 7 Aust Div

2/4 Aust Fd Regt

2/5 Aust Fd Regt

2/6 Aust Fd Regt

2/2 Aust Tk A Regt

2/7 Aust Svy Bty


HQ RAE 7 Aust Div

2/4 Aust Fd Coy

2/5 Aust Fd Coy

2/6 Aust Fd Coy

2/9 Aust Fd Coy

2/25 Aust Fd Pk Coy


Sigs 7 Aust Div

2/7 Aust Cav (Cdo) Regt Sig Tp

2/4 Aust Fd Regt Sig Sec

2/5 Aust Fd Regt Sig Sec

2/6 Aust Fd Regt Sig Sec

2/2 Aust Tk A Regt Sig Sec

2 Aust Arty Sig Tp

2 Aust Engr Sig Sec

18 Aust Inf Bde Sig Sec

21 Aust Inf Bde Sig Sec

25 Aust Inf Bde Sig Sec

2/42 Aust Cipher Sec


HQ 18 Aust Inf Bde

HQ 21 Aust Inf Bde

HQ 25 Aust Inf Bde

2/9 Aust Inf Bn

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2/10 Aust Inf Bn

2/12 Aust Inf Bn

2/14 Aust Inf Bn

2/16 Aust Inf Bn

2/27 Aust Inf Bn

2/25 Aust Inf Bn

2/31 Aust Inf Bn

2/33 Aust Inf Bn

2/1 Aust Pnr Bn

2/1 Aust MG Bn

HQ B Coy 2/1 Aust Gd Regt

5 Pl B Coy 2/1 Aust Gd Regt

6 Pl B Coy 2/1 Aust Gd Regt

7 Pl B Coy 2/1 Aust Gd Regt

8 Pl B Coy 2/1 Aust Gd Regt


7 Aust Div Det Ans (GHQ Tps)

‘C’ Aust Fd Security Sec

Supply and Transport

HQ Comd 7 Aust Div AASC

HQ 2/6 Aust Gen Tpt Coy

2/10 Aust Tpt Pl

2/11 Aust Tpt Pl

2/12 Aust Tpt Pl

2/6 Aust Workshop Pl

HQ 2/153 Aust Gen Tpt Coy

2/7 Aust Tpt Pl

2/8 Aust Tpt Pl

2/9 Aust Tpt Pl

2/43 Aust Tpt Pl

2/153 Aust Workshop Pl

HQ 2/2 Aust Sup Dep Coy

2/5 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/6 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/7 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/8 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/9 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/10 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/33 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/34 Aust Sup Dep Pl


2/2 Aust CCS

2/4 Aust Fd Amb

2/5 Aust Fd Amb

2/6 Aust Fd Amb

2/101 Aust Mobile Bath Unit

2/2 Aust Malaria Control Unit (Type A)

One Laundry Increment AAMC


2/6 Aust Dental Unit


2/117 Aust Bde Ord Fd Pk

2/124 Aust Bde Ord Fd Pk

2/125 Aust Bde Ord Fd Pk

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2/117 Aust Bde Workshop

2/124 Aust Bde Workshop

2/125 Aust Bde Workshop

2/47 Aust LAD (Type J)

2/51 Aust LAD (Type D)

2/52 Aust LAD (Type D)

2/53 Aust LAD (Type D)

2/54 Aust LAD (Type G)

2/55 Aust LAD (Type A)

2/56 Aust LAD (Type A)

2/59 Aust LAD (Type J)

315 Aust LAD (Type J)


7 Aust Div Postal Unit


7 Aust Div Pro Coy


113 Mobile Cinema Aust Cinema Unit

114 Mobile Cinema Aust Cinema Unit


7 Aust Div Reception Camp

7 Aust Div Salvage Unit

3 Aust Visitors & Observers Sec

Part II: I Aust Corps Troops and RAAF Units Allotted to 7 Aust Div

HQ Units

Det 1 Aust Combined Ops Sec

1 Aust Mil Landing Gp

Det 11 Aust Movement Control Gp (Type E)


HQ 1 Aust Armd Regt

2/1 Aust Armd Bde Recce Sqn less Det


A Tp 1 Aust Naval Bombardment Gp

2/1 Aust Comp AA Regt


Det 5 Aust Fd Svy Coy


Det HQ A Aust Corps Sigs

3 Aust Line Sec

13 Aust Line Maintenance Sec

1 Aust Wireless Sec (Hy)

2 Aust Wireless Sec (Lt)

1 Aust Armd Regt Sig Tp less Det

2/1 Aust AA Regt (Composite) Sig Sec

8 Aust Pigeon Sec (Type A) less Det


Det 2 Army Air Photo Interpretation Gp

35 Aust Fd Security Sec (EE)

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Supply and Transport

HQ 3 Aust Sup Dep Coy

11 Aust Sup Dep Pl

12 Aust Sup Dep Pl

2/25 Aust Tpt Pl

2/21 Aust Tpt Pl (DUKWS)

2/3 Aust Amphibious Increment


110 Aust Adv Dep Med Stores

2/3 Aust CCS

21 Aust Hosp Laundry Unit (Type B)

10 Aust Fd Amb

2/3 Aust Mobile Bacteriological Laboratory

4 Aust Mobile Entomological Sec


2/1 Aust Dental Unit

2/2 Aust Dental Unit less three Secs


1 Aust Armd Regt Ord Fd Pk (LE)

Det 4 Aust Armd Bde Ord Fd Pk

120 Aust Bde Ord Fd Pk


1 Aust Armd Regt Workshop (Type A) less Det

4 Aust Armd Bde Workshop less Det

120 Aust Bde Workshop

2/1 Aust Comp AA Regt Workshop

205 Aust LAD (Type H) less Det


‘A’ Det Special Investigation Branch Det I Aust Corps


24 Aust War Graves Unit

RAAF Units

No. 61 Airfield Constr Wing HQ

No. 1 Airfield Constr Sqn

No. 2 Airfield Constr Sqn

No. 3 Airfield Constr Sqn

No. 6 Airfield Constr Sqn

No. 4 Wireless Unit Det

Part III: 2 Aust Beach Group Headquarters

HQ 2 Aust Beach Group


2/11 Aust Fd Coy

2 Aust Mech Eqpt Pl

2 Aust Beach Gp Stores Pl


1 Aust Beach Sig Sec

4 Aust Beach Sig Sec


2/2 Aust Pnr Bn


‘B’ Det ‘Q’ Aust Field Security Sec

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Supply and Transport

HQ 2/108 Aust Gen Tpt Coy

2/45 Aust Tpt Pl

2/46 Aust Tpt Pl

2/108 Aust Wksp Pl

235 Aust Sup Dep Pl

58 Aust Bulk Issue Petrol Oil Depot Pl


2 AAMC Coy (Beach Gp)

23 Aust Malaria Control Unit (Type C)


1 Aust Ord Beach Det


2 Aust Beach Workshop


17 Aust Indep Bde Gp Provost Coy


1 Aust Armd Bde Salvage Unit

RAN Units Attached

B and D RAN Beach Commandos

Part IV: 7 Aust Base Sub-Area Units


HQ 7 Aust Base Sub Area (Type D)

Det 2 Aust Adv 2nd Echelon


12 CRE (Works)

27 Aust CRE (Works)

2/4 Aust Fd Sqn

21 Aust Fd Coy

9 Aust A Tps Coy

11 Aust Workshop and Park Coy

2/3 Aust Docks Operating Coy

2/10 Aust Docks Operating Coy

Det 7 Pl 1 Aust Port Maint Coy

2/2 Aust Port Constr Coy

1 Aust Port Constr Coy

3 Aust Welding Pl

5 Aust Welding Pl

5 Aust Mech Eqpt Spare Parts Sec

Det 11 Aust Small Ships Coy


‘C’ Det HQ 22 L of C Sigs

13 Aust Line Sec

‘A’ Det 9 Aust Technical Maintenance Sec

‘B’ Det 94 Aust Telephone Switchboard Operating Sec

9 Aust Telegraph Operating Sec

3 Aust Despatch Rider Sec (less A and B Dets)

‘B’ Det 4 Aust Signal Eqpt Sec

36 Aust Cipher Sec (Type K) (less Det)


‘B’ Det 1 Aust Fd Censorship Coy

‘B’ Det ‘Q’ Aust Fd Security Sec

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Supply And Transport

20 Aust Fd Baking Pl

46 Aust Fd Baking Pl

66 Aust Bulk Issue Petrol Oil Depot Pl

2/4 Aust Motor Ambulance Convoy Pl

‘C’ Det 4 Aust Bulk Petroleum Storage Coy


2/12 Aust Gen Hosp (600 beds)

One Surgical Team 2/12 Aust Gen Hosp

One Surgical Team 2/2 Aust Gen Hosp

Three Laundry Increments AAMC

14 Aust Malaria Control Unit (Type B)

17 Aust Malaria Control Unit (Type B)


2 Sec 1 Aust Base Depot Dental Stores


Det 17 Advanced Ordnance Depot

Det 4 Aust Returned Stores Depot

Det 10 Aust Ord Vehicle Park

Det 5 Aust Ord Port Det

Det 2/7 Aust Mobile Laundry and Forward Decontamination Unit

Det 14 Aust LAD

2 Aust Mobile Ammunition Repair Shop

2/3 Aust Inf Tps Ord Fd Pk (less one Vehicle Park Sec)


2/3 Aust Inf Tps Workshop

5 Aust Mech Eqpt Workshop

228 Aust LAD

305 Aust LAD

336 Aust LAD

‘B’ Sec 10 Aust Vehicle Park Workshop

6 Aust Mobile Gas Generating Sec

5 Aust Mobile Tyre Repair Workshop Sec


73 Aust Depot Cash Office

108 Aust Depot Cash Office


‘A’ Det 6 Aust Base Postal Unit


5, 6 Secs 2/3 Aust L of C Pro Coy

Printing & Stationery

‘C’ Det 11 Aust L of C Stationery Depot

Canteens Service

Adv Det AACS


17 Mobile Cinema Aust Cinema Unit

20 Mobile Cinema Aust Cinema Unit


‘A’ Det 37 Aust L of C Salvage Sec

28 Aust Wks Coy

Det 10 Sec Aust Kit Store

‘B’ Det 1 Aust Base Sub Area Details Depot

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Part V: US, NEI and Miscellaneous Units

US Units

727 Amphibious Tractor Bn less one Coy

One Boat Coy Boat Bn 593 EBSR

Det 1463 Engr Boat Maint Coy

Det Bn HQ and one Company 672 Amphibious Tractor Bn

Det Combat Information Centre

NEI Units

1 Coy 1 Bn NEI Inf

One NICA Unit (Dutch)




Part VI: RAAF Units in Support for Operation

Comd Post 1 TAF RAAF

No. 83 (Army Co-Op) Wing HQ Det

No. 4 Tac R Sqn Det

No. 16 Air Observation Post Flt Det

No. 9 Local Air Supply Unit Det

No. 79 (General Reconnaissance-Bomber) Wing

No. 2 (B25) Sqn

No. 18 (B24) Sqn

No. 83 Operational Base Unit

No. 28 Air Stores Pk

No. 27 Med Clearing Station

No. 18 Repair and Servicing Unit

No. 82 (H/B) Wing

No. 21 (B24) Sqn

No. 23 (B24) Sqn

No. 24 (B24) Sqn

No. 6 Repair and Servicing Unit

No. 30 Med Clearing Station

No. 24 Air Stores Pk

No. 85 Operational Base Unit

No. 18 Replenishing Centre

No. 54 (Spitfire) Sqn

No. 9 Repair and Servicing Unit Det

No. 113 Air Sea Rescue Flt Det

1 Air Support Sec and 3 Parties

8 Air Liaison Parties

No. 1 Aust Air Form Sigs Det

No. 4 Radio Installation and Maint Det

No. 2 Malaria Control Unit Det

No. 5 Replenishing Centre Det

Service Police Unit Det

No. 30 Operational Base Unit

No. 9 Transportation and Movement (Office Det)

No. 2 Airfield Defence Sqn Det

No. 110 Mobile Fighter Control Unit Assault Ech

No. 162 Radar Station

No. 302 Radar Station

No. 343 Radar Station

No. 351 Radar Station

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No. 23 Air Stores Pk

No. 26 Med Clearing Station

No. 11 Postal Unit Det

TAF Telecomn Unit Det

3 Aust Comd Air Liaison Sec

21 Sqn Air Liaison Sec

25 Sqn Air Liaison Sec

28 Sqn Air Liaison Sec

35 Sqn Air Liaison Sec

55 Sqn Air Liaison Sec

56 Sqn Air Liaison Sec

‘B’ Det 45 Air Liaison Sec (Tac R Sqn)

Part VII: US Naval Units in Support for the Operation

(The list includes 21 units or detachments)