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Appendix C

Canadian Army Units in Italy, 19 August 1944

Formations and units are grouped by corps. Designations are those authorized by General Orders at the time (except for certain modifications made for the sake of brevity and consistency, or as concessions to current usage). The complete roll of units is too long to be printed here. Thus headquarters of formations and supporting arms and services, as well as such relatively small units as Field Dressing Stations, are not included; although all made important contributions.

Canadian Armoured Corps

1st Armoured Brigade

11th Armoured Regiment (The Ontario Regiment)

12th Armoured Regiment (Three Rivers Regiment)

14th Armoured Regiment (The Calgary Regiment)

1st Infantry Division

1st Armoured Car Regiment (The Royal Canadian Dragoons)

5th Armoured Division

3rd Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment (The Governor General’s Horse Guards)

5th Armoured Brigade:

2nd Armoured Regiment (Lord Strathcona’s Horse (Royal Canadians))

5th Armoured Regiment (8th Princess Louise’s (New Brunswick) Hussars)

9th Armoured Regiment (The British Columbia Dragoons)

First Canadian Army Troops:

“A”, “B” and “G” Squadrons, 25th Armoured Delivery Regiment (The Elgin Regiment)

Royal Canadian Artillery

1st Infantry Division

1st Field Regiment RCHA

2nd Field Regiment

3rd Field Regiment

1st Anti-Tank Regiment

2nd Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

5th Armoured Division

17th Field Regiment

8th Field Regiment (Self-Propelled)

4th Anti-Tank Regiment

5th Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment

1st Corps Troops

7th Anti-Tank Regiment

1st Survey Regiment

First Canadian Army Troops

No. 1 Army Group RCA

11th Army Field Regiment

1st Medium Regiment

2nd Medium Regiment

5th Medium Regiment

Corps of Royal Canadian Engineers

1st Infantry Division

2nd Field Park Company

1st Field Company

3rd Field Company

4th Field Company

5th Armoured Division

4th Field Park Squadron

1st Field Squadron

10th Field Squadron

1st Corps Troops

9th Field Park Company

12th Field Company

13th Field Company

14th Field Company

GHQ and L. of C. Troops

1st Drilling Company

Royal Canadian Corps of Signals

1st Armoured Brigade Signals

1st Infantry Divisional Signals

5th Armoured Divisional Signals

1st Corps Headquarters Signals

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Canadian Infantry Corps*

1st Infantry Division

The Saskatoon Light Infantry (M.G.)

1st Infantry Brigade:

The Royal Canadian Regiment

The Hastings and Prince Edward Regiment

48th Highlanders of Canada

2nd Infantry Brigade:

Princess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry

The Seaforth Highlanders of Canada

The Loyal Edmonton Regiment

3rd Infantry Brigade:

Royal 22e Regiment

The Carleton and York Regiment

The West Nova Scotia Regiment

5th Armoured Division

11th Infantry Brigade:

11th Independent Machine Gun Company (The Princess Louise Fusiliers)

The Perth Regiment

The Cape Breton Highlanders

The Irish Regiment of Canada

12th Infantry Brigade:

12th Independent Machine Gun Company (The Princess Louise Fusiliers)

4th Princess Louise Dragoon Guards

The Lanark and Renfrew Scottish Regiment†

The Westminster Regiment (Motor)

1st Corps Troops

1st Corps Defence Company$

Royal Canadian Army Service Corps

1st Armoured Brigade Company

1st Infantry Divisional Troops Company

1st Infantry Brigade Company

2nd Infantry Brigade Company

3rd Infantry Brigade Company

5th Armoured Divisional Troops Company

5th Armoured Divisional Transport Company

5th Armoured Brigade Company

11th Infantry Brigade Company

12th Infantry Brigade Company

No. 31 Corps Troops Company

No. 32 Corps Troops Company

1st Corps Transport Company

No. 1 Motor Ambulance Convoy

No. 1 Headquarters Corps Car Company

No. 41 Army Transport Company

Royal Canadian Army Medical Corps

1st armoured brigade

No. 2 Light Field Ambulance

1st Infantry Division

No. 4 Field Ambulance

No. 5 Field Ambulance Company

No. 9 Field Ambulance

5th Armoured Division

No. 7 Light Field Ambulance

No. 8 Light Field Ambulance

No. 24 Field Ambulance

1st Corps Troops

No. 4 Casualty Clearing Station

No. 5 Casualty Clearing Station

GHQ and L. of C. Troops

No. 1 General Hospital

No. 3 General Hospital

No. 5 General Hospital

No. 14 General Hospital

No. 15 General Hospital

No. 28 General Hospital

No. 1 Convalescent Depot

Canadian Dental Corps

No. 1 Dental Company

No. 3 Dental Company

No. 8 Dental Company

No. 11 Base Dental Company

* The 1st Canadian Special Service Battalion (part of the First Special Service Force) had left Italy to fight in Southern France.

† Before 13 July 1944,. the 1st Light Anti-Aircraft Regiment RCA (1st Corps Troops).

$ Provided by The Lorne Scots (Peel, Dufferin and Halton Regiment), which also furnished platoons for defence and/or employment duties at divisional and brigade headquarters.,

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Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps

No. 201 Infantry Ordnance Sub-Park

No. 205 Armoured Ordnance Sub-Park

No. 1 Corps and Army Troops Sub-Park

Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

1st Armoured Brigade Workshop

No. 1 Army Tank Troops Workshop

1st Infantry Brigade Workshop

2nd Infantry Brigade Workshop

3rd Infantry Brigade Workshop

5th Armoured Brigade Workshop

11th Infantry Brigade Workshop

12th Infantry Brigade Workshop

No. 1 Infantry Troops Workshop

No. 5 Armoured Troops Workshop

1st Corps Troops Workshop

No. 1 Recovery Company

Canadian Provost Corps

No. 1 Provost Company (R.C.M.P.)

No. 3 Provost Company

No. 5 Provost Company

No. 1 L. of C. Provost Company

No. 35 Traffic Control Company*


Canadian Section GHQ 1st Echelon AAI

Canadian Section GHQ 2nd Echelon AAI

No. 1 Base Reinforcement Group:

No. 1 Base Reinforcement Depot

No. 2 Base Reinforcement Depot

* Formed on 15 June 1944 from the 35th Light Anti-Aircraft Battery RCA (1st LAA. Regt.).