AA Anti-aircraft
ABCEF Arabian Bengal Ceylon Escort Force
ABV Armed Boarding Vessels
ACES Amenities, Comforts and Entertainments for the Services
ADJA Assistant Deputy Judge Advocate
AIC Action Information Centre
AIOC Anglo-Iranian Oil Company
AMC Armed Merchant Cruisers
AMTC Army Medical Training Centre
AMV Armed Merchant Vessel
A/S Anti-submarine
ASDIC Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee
ASTO Assistant Sea Transport Officer
ATRO Assistant Technical Recruiting Officer
BGO Base Gunnery Officer
BL Breech Loading
BLO Bombardment Liaison Officer
BOR British Other Rank
BRNVR Burma Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
BSS Beach Signal Station
BYMS British Yard Mine Sweepers
CB Companion of the Bath
CBE Commander of (the Order of) the British Empire
CBs Confidential Books
CCFET Captain Coastal Forces Eastern Theatre
C-in-C Commander-in-Chief
CIE Companion of (the Order of) the Indian Empire
CMG Companion of (the Order of) St Michael and St George
CO Commanding Officer
COF Captain of the Fleet
CPO Chief Petty Officer
CS Continuous Service
CSI Companion of (the Order of) the Star of India
DARD Director of Admiralty, Research and Development
DC&SC(I) Director of Civil and Services Censorship (India)
DEMS Defensively Equipped Merchant Shipping
DGSR Director General Ship Repairs
DJA Deputy Judge Advocate
DR (Position) Dead Reckoning (Position)
DSC Distinguished Service Cross
DSM Distinguished Service Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order
EAs Electrical Apprentices
ECO Emergency Commissioned Officer
ExO Executive Officer
FCB Fire Control Box
FDS Fauji Dilkhush Sabha
FKC Fuze Keeping Clock
FMO Fleet Mail Officer
FOB Forward Observer Bombardment
FOCRIN Flag Officer Commanding Royal Indian Navy
FPSC Federal Public Services Commission
G Gunnery
GHQ General Headquarters
GMO Gun Mounting Officer
HA High Angle
HDML, Harbour Defence Motor Launch
HE High Explosive
HMAS His Majesty’s Australian Ship
HMG His Majesty’s Government
HMIS His Majesty’s Indian Ship
HMS His Majesty’s Ship
HO Hostilities Only
HQ Headquarters
IAMC Indian Army Medical Corps
IAOC Indian Army Ordnance Corps
IDSM Indian Distinguished Service Medal
IMD Indian Medical Department
IMH Indian Military Hospital
IMMTS Indian Mercantile Marine Training Ship
IMS Indian Medical Service
INCS Indian Naval Canteen Service
IOR Indian Other Ranks
ISDPS Inter-Services Demobilisation Planning Staff
ISSAB Indian Sailors’ Soldiers’ and Airmen’s Board
ISSCS Inter-Services Security Co-ordination Section
ISSD Inter-Services Security Directorate
IWT Inland Water Transport
JA Judge Advocate
JP Justice of the Peace
KCB Knight Commander of (the Order of) the Bath
KCIE Knight Commander of (the Order of) the Indian Empire
LA Low Angle
LCA Landing Craft, Assault
LCB Landing Craft, Base
LCI(L) Landing Craft, Infantry (Large)
LCM Landing Craft, Mechanized
LCP(L) Landing Craft, Personnel (Large)
LCS Landing Craft, Support
LCS(M) Landing Craft, Support (Medium)
LCT Landing Craft, Tank
LCW Landing Craft, Wing
LND Local Naval Defence
Leg Sto Leading Stoker
L/S Leading Seaman
LSA Leading Store Assistant
LSI Landing Ship, Infantry
Lt Lieutenant
Lt Cdr Lieutenant Commander
MBE Member of (the Order of) the British Empire
MC Military Cross
MFV Motor Fishery Vessel
mg Machine gun
MGO Master General of the Ordnance
“MK” mutton Sheep killed by Muslim
ML Motor Launch
MO Medical Officer
M/S Minesweeper
MSF Mine Sweepers, Flotilla
MT Motor Transport; Mechanical Transport
MTB Motor Torpedo Boat
MTE Mechanical Training Establishment
MTFR Miniature Tracer Firing Range
MVO Member of the (Royal) Victorian Order
NCO Non-Commissioned Officer
NCS Non-Continuous Service
NHQ(I) Naval Headquarters (India)
NOIC Naval Officer-in-Charge
NSKO Naval Store Keeping Officer
NSO Naval Store Officer
NWFP North-West Frontier Province
OBE Officer of (the Order of) the British Empire
OCAS Officer-in-Charge Armament Supply
OETD Ordnance Export Transit Depot
OOD Order of the Day
OOQ Officer of the Quarter
OOW Officer of the Watch
Ord Seaman Ordinary Seaman
PO Petty Officer
P&O Peninsular and Oriental (Company)
PSTO Principal Sea Transport Officer
PT Physical Training
PTI Physical Training Instructor
QF Quick Firing
QR Quarter Range
R Repeated
RAF Royal Air Force
RAOC Royal Army Ordnance Corps
RD Royal Dragoons
R/F Range Finder
RIAF Royal Indian Air Force
RIASC Royal Indian Army Service Corps
RIFR Royal Indian Fleet Reserve
RIM Royal Indian Marine
RIN Royal Indian Navy
RINR Royal Indian Naval Reserve
RINVR Royal Indian Naval Volunteer Reserve
RN Royal Navy
RNR Royal Naval Reserve
RNVR Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve
revs Revolutions
(S) Supply
SANF South African Naval Flotilla
SBA Sick Berth Attendant
SC Swept Channel
SIO Senior Inspecting Officer
S/Lt Sub Lieutenant
SMO Senior Medical Officer
SNO Senior Naval Officer
SO Senior Officer
SORSF Senior Officer Red Sea Force
(Sp) Special
SP Selection of Personnel
SOLWING Senior Officer Landing Craft Wing
SS Short Service; Steam Ship
STO Sea Transport Officer
TNT Trinitrotoluene
TOO Time of Origin
USAAF United States Army Air Forces
V/S Visual Signalling
VSIS Victualling Store Issue Ship
WAC(I) Women’s Auxiliary Corps (India)
WO Warrant Officer
WRNS Women’s Royal Naval Service
WRINS Women’s Royal Indian Naval Service
W/T Wireless Telegraphy
XDO Extended Defense Officer