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Appendix 1: A Summary of Recommendations of the Chatfield Committee

The final recommendations of the Chatfield Committee so far as the Royal Indian Navy was concerned, are summarised below:–

1. Escort Vessels

a. 19 knot vessels were considered desirable.

b. Four new Escort Vessels of the “Bittern” class were recommended, the first pair to be ordered in 1939/40 and completed in 1941/42, the second pair to be ordered in 1942/43 and completed in 1944/45. Clive, Cornwallis and Lawrence were to be scrapped and Indus and Hindustan were to be rearmed with H.A./L.A. guns.

2. Minesweepers

a. Four “Mastiff” class trawlers were recommended to be ordered in 1945/46 and completed in 1946/47.

b. Four “Halcyon” class minesweepers, the first pair in 1939/40 and the second pair in 1941/42, to be maintained in reserve on the East Indies Station of the Royal Navy, were recommended to be lent to the RIN, part of their maintenance cost being borne by the Indian Government and part by His Majesty’s Government.

3. Motor Torpedo Boats

Recommended postponing the provision of these.

4. Depots and Training Establishments

Recommended the adoption of the proposals in the Nine Year Plan in respect of above (Depots and Training Establishments) and Local Naval Defence Equipment.