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Appendix 2: Naval Headquarters, Bombay, till 1941

The Flag Officer Commanding, Royal Indian Navy, and his personal staff at the NHQ, Bombay, comprised of the following:–

1. FOCRIN Rear Admiral R. N. (lent). He was also the Principal Sea Transport Officer, India
Personal Staff
2. Secretary Paymaster Commander RN (lent)
3. Flag Lieut. Cdr. Lieutenant Commander RIN
NHQ Staff
4. Chief of Staff Captain RIN
5. Staff Officer (Plans) Commander RIN
6. Staff Officer(Intelligence) Commander RIN
7. Staff Officer (Operations) Lieut. Cdr. RIN
8. Squadron Anti-Submarine Officer Lieut. Cdr. RIN
9. Squadron Anti-gas Officer Lieut. Cdr. RIN, also Assistant Sea Transport Officer, Bombay
10. Squadron Gunnery Officer Lieutenant RIN
11. Squadron Signal Officer Lieutenant RIN
12. Squadron Navigation Officer Lieutenant RIN
13. Engineer Captain Captain (Engineer) RIN
14. Squadron Engineer Officer Engineer Commander RIN
15. Chief Superintendent Civilian Officer
16. Medical Officer Major RAMC (a part-time appointment)