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Appendix 17: Selection of Personnel Directorate, General Headquarters, India

(RIN Officers)

(From the Royal Indian Navy List June 1945)

Asstt. Director Selection of Personnel (Navy)
Lt.-Cdr. RINR, A.J. Dain 8 April 44
Asst. to ADSP (Navy)
Sub-Lt., RINVR, B.S. Rekhi 1 March 45
Dy. President, No. 56 Services Selection Board
Lt.Cdr. RINR, R.D. Katari 27 May 45
Group Testing Officer, No. 52 Services Selection Board
Lt. RINVR, P. Parkin 25 Oct. 44
Group Testing Officer, No. 56 Services Selection Board
Sub-Lt. RINVR, J. K. A. Marker Aug. 45
Psychological Tester, No. 66 Services Selection Board
2/0 WRINS, J. Gomez 16 Oct. 44
Personnel Selection Officer
Lt. (Sp) RINVR, S. J. Savaiinathan 6 Nov. 44