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New Zealand Honours and Awards in CRUSADER Campaign

Periodic awards are listed only if mainly for this campaign.

Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire

Maj-Gen B. C. Freyberg

Bar to Distinguished Service Order

Brig H. E. Barrowclough

Col G. H. Clifton (CE 30 Corps)

Distinguished Service Order

Brig L. M. Inglis, MC

Brig C. E. Weir

Lt-Col L. W. Andrew, VC

Lt-Col C. S. J. Duff

Lt-Col G. J. McNaught

Lt-Col J. R. Page

Lt-Col C. Shuttleworth

Maj R. D. King

Maj C. H. Sawyers

Member of the Order of the British Empire

Maj N. M. Pryde

Capt A. J. Neil

Lt J. D. McKerchar

2 Lt N. J. Rollison

WO I R. W. Cawthorn

Bar to Military Cross

Capt R. Royal

Military Cross

Maj T. C. Campbell

Capt W. R. Carswell

Capt D. J. Fountaine

Capt R. C. Pemberton

Capt J. M. Staveley

Lt H. V. Donald

Lt G. L. Lee

Lt C. S. Pepper

Lt W. Porter

Lt J. W. Reeves

Lt A. C. Yeoman

2 Lt C. H. Cathie

2 Lt F. G. Clubb

2 Lt A. B. Cottrell

2 Lt A. R. Guthrey

2 Lt C. S. Morris (LRDG)

2 Lt I. L. Murchison

2 Lt A. R. W. Ormond

Rev. F. O. Dawson

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Distinguished Conduct Medal

S-Sgt J. C. Henley

Sgt W. Batty

Sgt G. M. Dodds

Sgt E. W. Hobbs

Sgt G. L. Lochhead

Sgt E. J. E. McQueen

Sgt C. W. Mack

Sgt H. R. Martin

Sgt A. C. T. Robertson

Sgt N. Trewby

L-Sgt R. L. Burk

L-Sgt A. B. Stewart

Pte D. M. Basset (LRDG)

Pte W. D. Friday

Pte G. H. Goad

Pte C. Shelford

Gnr C. J. Winthrop

bar to military medal

Cpl A. Sperry

Military Medal

WO I T. G. Fowler

BSM P. George

WO II K. B. Booker

WO II W. Pahau

Sgt R. G. Aro

Sgt R. J. Bayliss

Sgt W. A. J. Gorrie

Sgt P. Murtagh

Sgt J. L. Nicholas

Sgt D. R. Plumtree

Sgt A. J. Riddell

Cpl G. C. Garven (LRDG)

Cpl A. Russell

Cpl A. D. Smith

Bdr T. M. Hutchinson

L-Cpl L. H. Lovegrove

L-Cpl C. Munro

L-Cpl C. Waetford (LRDG)

Gnr G. R. Dobson

Pte C. Dornbush (LRDG)

Pte J. B. Kinder

Pte A. McKenzie

Pte M. Muir

Pte N. C. Olde

Pte K. R. Rieper

Dvr A. H. Waddick

Gnr R. Wixon

British Empire Medal

Sgt F. J. Webber

L-Sgt T. V. Carpenter (NZ Railway Operating Group)

Cpl I. R. Summers (NZ Railway Operating Group)