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3 August Churchill arrives in Cairo
9 Alexander arrives in Middle East
10 PEDESTAL convoy to Malta passes Gibraltar
12 Montgomery arrives in Middle East
12–15 Moscow conference (Churchill, Harriman, Stalin)
19 Allied raid on Dieppe
23 Axis attack on Stalingrad

Panzer Army advances on Alam Halfa

1 September Operation BULIMBA
3 Operation BERESFORD
13 Raids on Tobruk, Barce, etc., begin
23 Rommel relieved by Stumme
24 Axis penetration of Stalingrad defences
30 Operation by 44 Division in Munassib Depression
23 October LIGHTFOOT opens at Alamein
25 Australians start crumbling operations to north Rommel returns to Africa
26 10 Corps aims at Kidney Ridge
Night 26-27 New Zealand and South African divisions advance to final objective 7 Motor Brigade action at ‘Snipe’

21 Panzer Division moves to the northern sector

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Night 27-28 October Advance by 133 Brigade New Zealand Division relieved by South African Division
Night 1-2 November SUPERCHARGE opens
2 Action by 9 Armoured Brigade Royals break out Rommel informs Hitler of proposal to withdraw
Night 2-3 Advance by 7 Motor Brigade to west repulsed

Panzer Army thins out Operation by 5/7 Gordons repulsed

Night 3-4 Advances to south-west by Indians and Highlanders

Panzer Army withdraws but Eighth Army held by rearguards

Night 4-5 Eighth Army drives west in pursuit
6-7 Eighth Army’s advance slowed by heavy rain
8 TORCH landings in North Africa
11 New Zealanders ascend Halfaya Pass
19 Russian counter-offensive at Stalingrad begins

The occupations given in the biographical footnotes are those on enlistment. The ranks are those held on discharge or at the date of death.