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Appendix 2: Casualties in 2 NZEF, 1939–46

A Statement of Strengths and Losses in the Armed Services and Mercantile Marine in the 1939–45 War, presented to Parliament by the Minister of Defence in 1948, gives the following 2 NZEF casualties in the Middle East and Mediterranean theatre between 3 September 1939 and 31 December 1946: 5,363 killed (including 37 listed as missing and subsequently reclassified), 15,108 wounded, and 8,369 prisoners, a total of 28,840.

The killed include those who were killed in action or died of wounds; the prisoners include 1,219 who were wounded when captured, and 503 who were killed or died of wounds, sickness, accident or other cause after capture. Prisoners who regained their liberty before notification are not included. In addition the statement gives a total of 705 (including nine women) who died on active service (through sickness, accident, and causes not otherwise classified). The total casualties in 2 NZEF in this theatre, therefore, were 29,545.

In the Pacific theatre the casualties in 2 NZEF were 111 killed in action or died of wounds, 92 deaths on active service, 213 wounded, and 26 prisoners (of whom 19 died), a total of 442. In addition, casualties in the United Kingdom were three killed in action, 33 deaths on active service, and three wounded, a total of 39. Thus, the casualties in 2 NZEF in all theatres during the Second World War were:

Killed in action and died of wounds 5,477
Died while prisoner of war 522
Deaths from other causes 830
Total deaths 6,829
Wounded 15,324
Wounded and prisoner of war 1,219
Total wounded 16,543
Total prisoners of war 8,395
– less wounded when captured 1,219
– less died while prisoner 522
Total 30,026

The Government Statistician has estimated that the number who served overseas in 2 NZEF was 104,988.