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Appendix 5: 2 New Zealand Division – Principal Appointments as at 1 April 1945

Divisional Headquarters

General Officer Commanding: Lieutenant-General Sir Bernard Freyberg, vc, kcb, kbe, cmg, dso, ll d

General Staff Officer, Class I: Colonel H. E. Gilbert, DSO

Assistant Adjutant and Quartermaster-General: Lieutenant-Colonel J. P. Cook, QBE

Chief Signal Officer: Lieutenant-Colonel R. W. Foubister

Assistant Provost Marshal: Major W. Brown-Bayliss

4 Armoured Brigade

Commander: Colonel T. C. Campbell, MC

Commanding Officer, 18 Armoured Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel H. H. Parata

Commanding Officer, 19 Armoured Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel A. M. Everist, DSO

Commanding Officer, 20 Armoured Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel H. A. Robinson, MC

Divisional Artillery

Commander, Royal Artillery: Brigadier R. C. Queree, CBE

Commanding Officer, 4 Field Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel H. T. W. Nolan

Commanding Officer, 5 Field Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel C. H. Sawyers, DSO

Commanding Officer, 6 Field Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel S. W. Nicholson

Commanding Officer, 7 Anti-Tank Regiment: Lieutenant-Colonel W. C. Savage

Divisional Engineers

Commander, Royal Engineers: Colonel F. M. H. Hanson, DSO, OBE, MM

Officer Commanding, 5 Field Park Company: Major L. C. E. Malt

Officer Commanding, 6 Field Company: Major P. W. de B. Morgan, MC

Officer Commanding, 7 Field Company: Major G. A. Lindell

Officer Commanding, 8 Field Company: Major C. Clark

Officer Commanding, 27 Mechanical Equipment Company: Major G. K. Armstrong, MC

Officer Commanding, 28 Assault Squadron: Major J. Brooke-White

5 Infantry Brigade

Commander: Brigadier I. L. Bonifant, DSO

Commanding Officer, 21 Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel E. A. McPhail, MC

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Commanding Officer, 23 Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel W. B. Thomas, DSO, MC

Commanding Officer, 28 (Maori) Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel A. Awatere, MC

6 Infantry Brigade

Commander: Brigadier G. B. Parkinson, DSO

Commanding Officer, 24 Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel R. L. Hutchens

Commanding Officer, 25 Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel E. K. Norman, MC

Commanding Officer, 26 Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel M. C. Fairbrother, OBE

9 Infantry Brigade

Commander: Brigadier W. G. Gentry, DSO, OBE

Commanding Officer, Divisional Cavalry Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel J. R. Williams, DSO

Commanding Officer, 22 Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel H. V. Donald, DSO, MC

Commanding Officer, 27 Battalion: Lieutenant-Colonel G. P. Sanders

Army Service Corps

Commander: Brigadier S. H. Crump, DSO, OBE

Second-in-command and Senior Supply Officer: Lieutenant-Colonel O. Bracegirdle, DSO

Officer Commanding, 1 Ammunition Company: Major P. E. Courts, MBE

Officer Commanding, 2 Ammunition Company: Major R. L. Dow

Officer Commanding, 1 Petrol Company: Major H. W. Barnett

Officer Commanding, 1 Supply Company: Major L. Bean

Officer Commanding, 4 Reserve Mechanical Transport Company: Major R. O. Pearse, MBE

Medical Corps

Assistant Director of Medical Services: Colonel R. A. Elliott

Officer Commanding, 4 Field Ambulance: Lieutenant-Colonel A. W. Owen-Johnston, ED

Officer Commanding, 5 Field Ambulance: Lieutenant-Colonel J. M. Coutts

Officer Commanding, 6 Field Ambulance: Lieutenant-Colonel W. Hawksworth

Officer Commanding, 4 Field Hygiene Company: Major D. P. Kennedy

Officer Commanding, 1 Mobile Casualty Clearing Station: Lieutenant- Colonel A. G. Clark, MC

Officer Commanding, 2 Field Transfusion Unit: Major P. F. Howden

Officer Commanding, 3 Field Surgical Unit: Major W. I. Cawkwell

Dental Corps

Officer Commanding, 1 Mobile Dental Unit: Major H. C. Colson

Ordnance Corps

Assistant Director of Ordnance Services: Lieutenant-Colonel J. O. Kelsey, MBE

Officer Commanding, Divisional Ordnance Field Park: Major H. L. McLaren

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Electrical and Mechanical Engineers

Commander, Royal Electrical and Mechanical Engineers: Lieutenant- Colonel A. H. Andrews, QBE

Officer Commanding, Divisional Workshops: Major N. J. Rollinson, MBE

Officer Commanding, 4 Armoured Brigade Workshops: Major C. K. Fleming