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Appendix 1: Items in the Planning of Evacuation

(Chapter III)

1.Arrangements for road transport for expectant mothers, blind persons and physically handicapped children.

2.The registration of expectant mothers at maternity and child welfare centres, the issue of permits for different types of transport, and the maintenance of a ‘live’ register of mothers within one month of confinement.

3.The enrolment and organisation of an adequate number of teachers and helpers to travel with the schoolchildren.

4.Advising all parents of the luggage and clothing to be taken by children.

5.Arrangements for assembly points, entraining and detraining stations, including the organisation of reception staff (with armlets).

6.The provision at railway stations and for the journey of water supplies and first aid and sanitary facilities.

7.The production and distribution by the London County Council of a complete terminology of evacuation issued to prevent misunderstanding.

8.The distribution of an evacuation pamphlet for mothers and children, including a number printed in Greek for Cypriots in Soho.

9.Arrangements for a special registration day in London for the Jewish community.

10.Rehearsals by London schools in methods of crossing roads (demonstrations of ‘wave’ crossing).

11.Provision and distribution of emergency food rations (meat, milk, biscuits, chocolate and carrier bag) for forty-eight hours through the Food (Defence) Plans Department, and the subsequent increase of food supplies in reception districts.

12.Arrangements with the police to control entraining and detraining at main stations.;

13.Preparation of billeting forms and notices, appointment warrants, identity labels, final warning notices, telegrams, posters, wireless, press and cinema notices and arrangements for loud-speaker vans.

14.The organisation of petrol supplies for road transport at detraining stations.

15.Arrangements for the transfer and reception of the children and staff of day nurseries and nursery schools.

16.Arrangements with the British Medical Association for the medical treatment of children.

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17. Provision of accommodation for handicapped children including the staffing and equipping of premises.

18. Provision of adequate nursing and medical services in the reception areas, including hospital accommodation, maternity homes and midwives and obstetricians for expectant mothers.

19. The purchase and distribution of camp beds, palliasses, blankets and rubber sheeting.

20.The appointment of billeting and reception officers and the organisation of their work.

21. Arrangements with post offices for the payment of billeting allowances.

22.Preparations for the appointment of tribunals in reception areas to hear appeals from occupiers to cary or cancel billeting notices.

23.Arrangements (including the opening of special officers) by the Unemployment Assistance Board to pay allowances to evacuated adults in need of temporary assistance.

24.The preparation of railway vouchers for helpers returning to the evacuation areas.

25.The printing and distribution of postcards for the use of evacuees to announce their safe arrival and address.