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Appendix 4: Proportion of total evacuable population of mothers and children actually evacuated on the outbreak of war

(Chapter VII)

Gosport B. 67
Bootle C. B. 66
Chester R.D., Runcorn R.D. and Runcorn U.D. 60
Wallasey C.B. 60
Newcastle C.B. 57
Crosby B. 56
Salford C.B. 56
Gateshead C.B. 49
Widnes B., Warrington R.D. and Whiston R.D. 49
Birkenhead C.B. 44
Liverpool C.B. 44
Manchester C.B. 44
Stretford B. 41
London (metropolitan boroughs plus eleven boroughs in Middlesex and Essex) 37
Hull. C.B. 31
Gravesend B., Northfleet U.D., Dagenham B and Thurrock U.D. 29
Tynemouth C.B. and Wallsend B. 29
Jarrow B. 28
Southampton C.B. 28
Chatham B., Gillingham B and Rochester B. 26
Leeds C.B. 26
Remainder of outer metropolitan group 26
South Shields C.B. 26
West Hartlepool C.B. 24
Birmingham C.B. 21
Felling and Hebburn U.Ds. 20
Portsmouth C.B. 20
Sunderland C.B. 20
Middlesborough C.B. 18
Bradford C.B. 17
Smethwick C.B. 15
Coventry C.B. 14
Derby C.B. 14
Sheffield C.B. 13
Nottingham C.B. 12
Walsall C.B., West Bromwich C.B. and Oldbury B. 11
Hartlepool B. 9
Grimsby C.B. and Cleethorpes B. 7
Rotherham C.B. 6
(in most provincial towns, evacuation applied only to the more vulnerable and densely populated areas)
Scotland (all evacuation areas) 31