History of the Second World War: United Kingdom Civil Series

Edited by W. K. Hancock

Problems of Social Policy

By Richard M. Titmuss

London 1950


Table of Contents


Part I: The Expected War

Chapter 1: The Expected Attack

Chapter 2: The Expected Consequences

Physical Casualties—Material Damage—Social Distress, Disorganisation and Loss of Morale

Chapter 3: Preparations: Evacuation

Chapter 4: Preparations: The Care of the Homeless

Chapter 5: Preparations: The Emergency Medical Service

Introduction—The Central Problems of Planning—Hospitals before the War—From Plans to Preparations

Chapter 6: August 1939

Part II: The Invisible War

Chapter 7: Evacuation: The Exodus

Chapter 8: Evacuation: The Reception

Chapter 9: The Phase of Uncertainty: September 1939–May 1940

Chapter 10: Evacuation and the Social Services: September 1939–May 1940

Disorganisation and Discontinuity—Problems of Administration and Finance—Ebb Tide of Evacuation

Chapter 11: Hospitals in Transition: September 1939–May 1940

Conflicting Needs—Progress and Consolidation—Towards a Better Balance

Chapter 12: Digression on Local Government Boundaries

Nature of the Problem—First Example: Residential Nurseries—Second Example: Health and Welfare Services—Review

Part III: The Battles

Chapter 13: The Encircling Front

Chapter 14: The Challenge of London’s Homeless

Deficiencies in Preparation—Crisis in London Country—Crisis in London Region—Resettlement of the Homeless—Review

Chapter 15: The Attack on the Ports and Provincial Cities

Chapter 16: Arithmetic of Stress

Chapter 17: Arithmetic of Strain

Part IV: The Long Years

Chapter 18: Evacuation: Second Movement

Chapter 19: Social Care in the Reception Areas

Welfare Services—Children’s Hostels and Social Workers—Social and Economic Aspects of Billeting

Chapter 20: Families in Trouble

Chapter 21: Evacuation: The Last Phase

Evacuation Movements 1942–44—The Return Home

Chapter 22: Hospitals in Demand

The Test of 1940–41—Problems of Distribution and Voluntary Hospital Finance

Chapter 23: Hospitals for War Victims

Quality of Hospital Provision—Scope and Quality of the Emergency Medical Service

Chapter 24: Hospitals for the Sick

Two Basic Problems—The Position of the Civilian Sick—The Price Paid—Towards a National Hospital Service

Chapter 25: Unfinished Business

The Social Services: Decision and Development

Wartime Health: Complexities and Contradictions


Appendix 1: Items in the Planning of Evacuation (Chapter III)

Appendix 2: Voluntary Evacuation on the Outbreak of War (Chapter VII)

Appendix 3: Unaccompanied schoolchildren evacuated in 1939 (Chapter VII)

Appendix 4: Proportion of mothers and children evacuated in 1939 (Chapter VII)

Appendix 5: Proportion of evacuees received to numbers expected in 1939 (Chapter VII)

Appendix 6: A Note on the Law of Settlement and Removal as it affected Local Government in England and Wales in 1939 (Chapter XII)

Appendix 7: Weight of Bombs dropped on the United Kingdom during 1939–45 (Chapter XVI)

Appendix 8: Civilian Casualties in Gt. Britain caused by enemy action during 1939–45 (Chapter XVI)

Appendix 9: Government Evacuation Scheme. Total number billeted during 1939–45 (Chapter XVIII)

Appendix 10: Government Evacuation Scheme. Total number evacuated 1939–41 (Chapter XVIII)

Appendix 11: Government Evacuation Scheme. Total number evacuated 1914–45 (Chapter XVIII)


Index of Place Names

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