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Appendix 6: Notes on Compositions of Tables 1, 54 and 55

Refs. pp. 2 and p. 405–406

Table 1

The following are the principles on which the figures in Table 1, which shows the expenditure on armaments and warlike stores between 1924 and 1933, have been compiled:

Navy: The main figures in column 2 represent all expenditure on shipbuilding new construction, re-equipment and repairs, and maintenance stores. The figures in brackets show the shipbuilding programmes of new construction only. The figures have been taken from the Statement of Programmes at the end of the Naval Estimates for the appropriate year.

RAF: The figures in column 3 are those of Vote 3 of the Estimates (technical and warlike stores) less the costs of inspection, research and miscellaneous items.

Army: The figures in column 4 for the years 1924 and 1925 were obtained from War Office Stock Accounts Head VA, 11 and 12, and are only roughly comparable with the figures for 1926 and later years which are the figures in Vote 9 of the Estimates (warlike stores) less expenditure on research, inspection and miscellaneous items. Neither set of figures includes mechanical transport for the RASC

Tables 54 and 55

1. Tables 54 and 55 are based, for the United Kingdom, on the Final Report of the Fifth United Kingdom Census of Production which shows the position in 1935, and, for the United States, on the Sixteenth Census of the United States relating to the position in 1939. Owing to this difference in date and also to diversities in the grouping of various establishments in the United Kingdom and the United States Census Reports, only rough comparisons between the size of establishments in the two countries are possible.

2. The following main United States industrial groups have been included:

Engineering, shipbuilding and vehicle trades

Group 16—Electrical machinery.

Group 17—Machinery except electrical.

Group 18—Automobiles and automobile equipment.

Group 19—Transportation equipment except automobiles.

Iron and steel trades, excluding blast furnaces, iron and steel smelting and rolling

Group 14—Iron and steel and their products, except machinery—also excluded are blast furnace productions (Industry No. 1141) and steel works and rolling mills (Industry No. 1412).

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Non-ferrous metals trades

Group 15—Non-ferrous metals and their products

3. The total number of establishments in the United Kingdom has been obtained by adding the total number of firms employing not more than ten persons of the average to the number of establishments employing more than ten wage-earners, as shown below:

Firms employing not more than ten persons on average Establishments employing more than ten wage-earners Total establishments
Number of firms Estimated number of persons employed Number of establishments Number of persons employed Number of establishments Estimated number of persons employed
Engineering, shipbuilding and vehicle trades 24,074 105,606 7,231 1,104,363 31,305 1,209,969,
Iron and steel trades, excluding blast furnaces and smelting and rolling 10,347 31,722 3,567 388,181 13,914 419,903
Non-ferrous metals trades 2,989 12,370 1,414 122,097 4,403 134,467