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Appendix 12: Equipment and Location of British Fighter Squadrons, 8th August 1940

Squadron Equipment War Station
NO. 10 GROUP, RUDLOE, NR. BATH (Air Vice-Marshal Sir Quintin Brand)
Pembrey Sector
92 Spitfire Pembrey
Filton Sector
87 Hurricane Exeter
213 Hurricane Exeter
St. Eval Sector
234 Spitfire St. Eval
247 (One flight only) Gladiator Roborough
Middle Wallop Sector (formerly in No. 11 Group)
238 Hurricane Middle Wallop
609 (West Riding) Spitfire Middle Wallop
604 (County of Middlesex) Blenheim Middle Wallop
152 Spitfire Warmwell
NO. 11 GROUP, UXBRIDGE (Air Vice-Marshal K. R. Park)
Tangmere Sector
43 Hurricane Tangmere
601 (County of London) Hurricane Tangmere
145 Hurricane Westhampnett
Kenley Sector
615 (Auxiliary) Hurricane Kenley
64 Spitfire Kenley
111 Hurricane Croydon
Biggin Hill Sector
32 Hurricane Biggin Hill
610 (County of Chester) Spitfire Biggin Hill
501 (County of Gloucester) Hurricane Gravesend
600 (City of London) Blenheim Manston
54 Spitfire Hornchurch
65 Spitfire Hornchurch
74 Spitfire Hornchurch
41 Spitfire Hornchurch
Northolt Sector
1 Hurricane Northolt
257 Hurricane Northolt
North Weald Sector
151 Hurricane North Weald
56 Hurricane Rochford
25 Blenheim Martlesham
Debden Sector (formerly in No. 12 Group)
17 Hurricane Debden
85 Hurricane Martlesham
NO. 12 GROUP, WATNALL, NR. NOTTINGHAM (Air Vice-Marshal T. L. Leigh-Mallory)
Duxford Sector
19 Spitfire Duxford
Coltishall Sector
242 Hurricane Coltishall
66 Spitfire Coltishall
Wittering Sector
229 Hurricane Wittering
266 Spitfire Wittering
23 Blenheim Colly Weston
Digby Sector
46 Hurricane Digby
611 (West Lancashire) Spitfire Digby
29 Blenheim Digby
Kirton-in-Lindsey Sector
222 Spitfire Kirton-in-Lindsey
264 Defiant Kirton-in-Lindsey and Ringway
Church Fenton Sector (formerly in No. 13 Group)
73 Hurricane Church Fenton
249 Hurricane Church Fenton
616 (South Yorkshire) Spitfire Leconfield
NO. 13 GROUP, NEWCASTLE-ON-TYNE (Air Vice-Marshall R. E. Saul)
Catterick Sector
219 Blenheim Catterick
Usworth Sector
607 (Auxiliary) Hurricane Usworth
72 Spitfire Acklington
79 Spitfire Acklington
Turnhouse Sector
232 (One flight only) Hurricane Turnhouse
253 Hurricane Turnhouse
605 (County of Warwick) Hurricane Drem
141 Defiant Prestwick
Dyce Sector
603 (City of Edinburgh) Spitfire Dyce and Montrose
Wick Sector
3 Hurricane Wick
504 (County of Nottingham) Hurricane Castletown
232 (One flight only) Hurricane Sumburgh
Aldergrove Sector
245 Hurricane Aldergrove


9th August: No. 266 from Wittering to Hornchurch.

13th August: No. 602 (City of Glasgow) from non-operational to Westhampnett, exchanging with No. 145.

14th August: No. 74 from Hornchurch to Wittering; No. 249 from Church Fenton to Middle Wallop.

19th August: No. 616 (South Yorkshire) from Leconfield to Kenley, exchanging with No. 64; No. 85 from Debden Sector to Croydon, exchanging with No. 111; No. 17 from Debden to Tangmere, exchanging with No. 601 (County of London).

22nd August: No. 264 from Kirton-in-Lindsey to Hornchurch, exchanging with No. 266.