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Appendix 43: The A-4 Rocket: Technical Details

(From German Sources)

Length 46 feet
Diameter of body 5 feet 5 inches
Diameter over fins 11 feet 7 inches
Dead weight without fuel 3-9 tons
Weight of 3:1 alcohol-water mixture approximately 4 tons
Weight of liquid oxygen approximately 5 tons
Total weight at take-off 12-7 tons
Weight of warhead approximately 1 ton
Weight of explosive approximately 1,650 lb.
Thrust at take-off 25 tons
Acceleration at take-off 0-9 g
Acceleration at end of combustion approximately 5 g
Temperature of combustion inside chamber 2,700 degrees Centigrade
Velocity of exhaust gases 6,700 feet per second
Maximum velocity of rocket 3,600 miles per hour
Maximum burning time (standard rocket) 65 seconds
Time to reach sonic velocity 25 seconds
Time of vertical flight (distance shot) 4 seconds
Angle of tilt from vertical after 54 seconds (distance shot) 49 degrees
Height at end of combustion (distance shot) approximately 20 miles
Horizontal distance from launching point at end of combustion (distance shot) approximately 15 miles
Height at peak of trajectory (distance shot) 50 to 60 miles
Maximum horizontal range (standard rocket) 200 to 220 miles
Velocity at impact (measured along trajectory) 2,200 to 2,500 miles per hour
Maximum height reached (vertical shot, 67 seconds burning time) 11 8 miles