History of the Second World War: United Kingdom Military Series

Edited by J. R. M. Butler

The Campaign in Norway

By T. K. Derry, D. Phil (Oxon.)



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Table of Contents

Editor’s Preface

Author’s Preface

Table of Operations

Chapter 1: A Note on Norway

Chapter 2: Norway and the War: British and German Military Plans

Chapter 3: 9th April—The German Plan in Action

Chapter 4: British Countermeasures by Sea and Air

Chapter 5: Land Operations: General Strategy (Part 1)

Chapter 6: The Advance Towards Trondheim

Chapter 7: Initial Operations in Gudbrandsdal

Chapter 8: Gudbransdal—The Second Phase

Chapter 9: The Evacuation of Central Norway

Chapter 10: Narvik—The First Landings

Chapter 11: Land Operations: General Strategy (Part 2)

Chapter 12: Narvik—Delaying Operations to the Southward

Chapter 13: The Capture of Narvik

Chapter 14: The Evacuation of North Norway

Chapter 15: The Campaign in Retrospect

Appendix A: Instructions to Commanders

Appendix B: Lists of Forces Engaged

Appendix C: List of Published Sources

Unpublished Sources


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1a. Naval Movements, 7th–9th April

1b. Naval Movements, 9th–13th April

2. Narvik: Battles, 10th and 13th April

3. The Environs of Steinkjer

4. South Norway

5. The Approaches to Trondheim

6. Romsdal and Gudbrandsdal

7a. British Air Operations in Norway: Bomber Limits and Fighter Bases

7b. German Air Operations in Norway: Bomber Limits and Fighter Bases

8a. The Road to the North: Mosjøen to Mo

8b. The Road to the North: Mo to Bodö

9. The Capture of Narvik

10. The Approaches to Narvik

11. Naval Movements, 8th–13th June

Sketch Maps

Action at the Balbergkamp, 22nd April

Action at Tretten, 23rd April

Action at Kvam, 25th–26th April,

Action at Kjorem, 27th April

Action at Otta, 28th April

Action at Stien, 17th May

Action at Pothus, 25th–26th May


Air View of Narvik From the Northwest

Namsos Town and Harbour, Looking Inland Towards Grong

Aandalsnes and the Mouth of the Romsdal

Kvam, Seen From a Point North of the Church

View of Otta From the North, Showing the Two Spurs