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Table of Operations

1940 Narvik-Harstad Mosjøen-Bodö North of Trondheim South of Trondheim
April 8 British mines laid north of Bodö

Loss of Glowworm

April 9

Renown vs Gneisenau and Scharnhorst

Köln sunk (off Kristiansand)
April 10 Destroyer attack, Narvik

Königsberg sunk (off Kristiansand)

April 13

Warspite attack, Narvik

April 14 Scots Guards at Sjövegan Naval party at Namsos
April 15 24 Brigade at Harstad
April 16 146 Brigade at Namsos
April 17 Naval party at Aandalsnes
April 18 148 Brigade at Aandalsnes
April 19 Chasseurs Alpins land
April 20 Namsos heavily bombed
April 21 Action at Vist begun 148 Brigade in line near Lillehammer
April 22 Vist area lost Action at Balbergkamp
April 23 Action at Tretten 15 Brigade at Aandalsnes
April 24 Narvik bombarded Aandalsnes heavily bombed
April 25 Gladiators at Lesjaskog Action at Kvam begun
April 26 Counteroffensive planned (Namsos)
April 27 Action at Kjorem
April 28 Chasseurs Alpins land Action at Otta
April 29 South Wales Borderers at Haakvik
April 30 Scots Guards Company at Bodö
May 2 Evacuation of Aandalsnes completed a.m.
May 3 Evacuation of Namsos completed a.m.
May 4 No 1 Independent Company at Mo
May 6 Foreign Legionaries land
May 8 4 and 5 Independent Companies at Mosjøen
May 9 Poles land 3 Independent Company at Bodö
May 10 Action at River Björnaa; loss of Hemnesberget
May 12 Scots Guards (3 Companies) at Mo
1940 Narvik-Harstad Mosjøen-Bodö North of Trondheim South of Trondheim
May 13 Bjervik captured 2 Independent Company at Bodö
May 15

Loss of Chrobry

May 16 South Wales Borderers leave Ankenes area
May 17

Action at Stien Loss of Effingham

May 20 Two Companies South Wales Borderersat Bodö
May 21 Gladiators at Bardufoss Irish Guards at Bodö
May 22 Action at Krokstrand
May 25 Evacuation orders received Action at Pothus begun
May 26 Hurricanes at Bardufoss Gladiators at Bodö
May 28 Narvik captured
May 31 Evacuation at Bodö completed
June 4 Evacuation of troops begun
June 8

Evacuation completed a.m. Loss of Glorious