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Appendix 2


Führer H.Q. 23rd May, 1941.

Führer and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces

OKW/WFSt/Abt L(I Op) Nr. 44772/41 g K Chefs.

Directive 30—The Middle East

The Arab Liberation Movement is our natural ally against Great Britain in the Middle East. In this connexion particular importance must be attached to the rising in Iraq. It is strengthening the anti-British forces in the Middle East beyond the frontiers of Iraq, disrupting communications and containing British troops and shipping space at the expense of other theatres.

I have therefore decided to hasten developments in the Middle East by supporting Iraq.

Whether the British can finally be dislodged from their position between the Mediterranean and the Persian Gulf, in conjunction with an offensive against the Suez Canal, and how this can be achieved will be decided only after Barbarossa.

(2) Summarising my detailed decisions, I order as follows for the support of Iraq:

(a) the despatch of a military mission,

(b) assistance by the Luftwaffe

(c) deliveries of arms.

(3) The military mission (Code name: ‘Sonderstab F’ ) will be under the command of General of the Air Force Felmy.

Its duties will be as follows:

(a) to advise and support the armed forces of Iraq,

(b) where possible to establish military liaison with anti-British forces, outside Iraq as well,

(c) to obtain experience and information concerning this area for the German Armed Forces.

The assembling of the staff to carry out these tasks will be the responsibility of Chef OKW.

The chain of command will be as follows:

(a) All armed forces personnel detailed for Iraq and the Liaison H.Q. Syria will be subordinate to the Chief of the Military Mission.

(b) The Chief of the Military Mission will be subordinate to Chef OKW, except that orders and directives for the Luftwaffe units will be the sole concern of C.-in-C. Luftwaffe.

(c) The Chief of the Military Mission will deal exclusively with the military authorities in Iraq. Negotiations with the Iraq Government in matters concerning the Military Mission will be conducted by the Foreign Office representative in Iraq. The Chief

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of the Military Mission and the Foreign Office representative in Iraq will reach a preliminary understanding on all military dispositions which may react on foreign policy.

(d) For the time being members of the Military Mission will be considered as volunteers (on the lines of the Condor Legion). They will wear tropical uniforms with Iraqi insignia. German aircraft will also carry these insignia.

(4) Luftwaffe

The Luftwaffe will be employed in limited numbers. In addition to purely operational duties, its task will be to strengthen the self-confidence and will to resist of the armed forces and people of Iraq.

The type and scope of their employment will be decided by C.-in-C. Luftwaffe.

(5) Deliveries of Arms

Chef OKW will issue the necessary orders regarding deliveries from Germany and Syria (on the basis of the negotiations concluded with the French).

(6) Propaganda in the Middle East will be directed by the Foreign Office in cooperation with OKW Operations Branch, Propaganda Section. It will be based on the following fundamental idea:

‘Victory by the Axis Powers will liberate the lands of the Middle East from the British yoke and give them the right of self-determination (handwritten note: except Syria). Let those who love liberty join the anti-British front.’

There will be no propaganda against the French position in Syria.

(7) Cooperation with any Italian personnel in Iraq will take place on the basis of this directive. Attempts will be made to bring them under the command of the Chief of the German Military Mission.