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Appendix 2: Appointments held by the Principal Italian and German Commanders and Staff Officers mentioned in this volume


Aimone-Cat, General Mario: commander of 5th Squadra in North Africa

Barbasetti di Prun, General Curio: head of the delegation from Comando Supremo (Delease) in August 1942

Bastico, Marshal Ettore: C-in-C Armed Forces in North Africa

Cavallero, Marshal Ugo: Chief of Staff of the Italian Armed Forces

Da Zara, A: Vice-Admiral commanding VII Division

Cambara, General Gastone: commander 20th Corps until December 1941, then Chief of Staff North Africa

Iachino, Admiral Angelo: C-in-C Afloat

Marchesi, General Vittorio: succeeded General Aimone-Cat on 6th November 1941

Navarrini, General Enea: commander 21st Corps

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Bayerlein, Colonel Fritz: Chief of Staff DAK.

Bismarck, Major-General Georg von: commander of 21st Panzer Division from February 1942; killed August 1942

Crüwell, Lieut.-General Ludwig: commander of DAK until captured in May 1942

Fröhlich, Major-General Stefan: Fliegerführer Afrika until April 1942 Cause, Lieut.-General Alfred: Chief of Staff, Panzergruppe Afrika

Geisler, General Hans-Ferdinand: commander of Fliegerkorps X until August 1942

Kesselring, Field-Marshal Albert: commander of Luftflotte 2, and from December 1941 C-in-C South

Loerzer, General Bruno: commander of Fliegerkorps II

Nehring, Lieut.-General Walther: commander of DAK from June 1942 until wounded August 1942

Neumann-Silkow, Major-General Walther: commander of 15th Panzer Division; died of wounds December 1941

Raeder, Grand Admiral Erich: C-in-C German Navy

Ravenstein, Major-General Johann von: commander of 21st Panzer Division until captured November 1941

Rintelen, General Enno von: Military Attaché and German General at HQ Italian Armed Forces, Rome

Rommel, Field-Marshal Erwin: commander Panzergruppe Afrika, and later of German-Italian Panzerarmee Afrika

Seidemann, Major-General Hans: Fliegerführer Afrika from August 1942

Sümmermann, Major-General Max: commander of 90th Light Division; killed December 1941

Vaerst, Lieut.-General Gustav von: commander of 15th Panzer Division from December 1941

Waldau, Lieut.-General Otto Hoffmann von: Fliegerführer Afrika from April to August 1942; then commander of Fliegerkorps X

Westphal, Colonel Siegfried: chief operations officer, HQ Panzerarmee Afrika