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Appendix 4: Royal Air Force Command Organization, January 1941

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From 11th June 1940, the Air Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Middle East, commanded all Royal Air Force units stationed or operating in Egypt, Sudan, Palestine and Trans-Jordan, East African, Aden and Somaliland, Iraq, and adjacent territories, Cyprus, Turkey, Balkans, Mediterranean Sea and Persian Gulf. The Air Officers Commanding Iraq, Mediterranean, and Aden continued to exercise local administrative control.

1. P.R.U.—Photographic Reconnaissance Unit.

2. Including one squadron of No. 13 Group, Fighter Command.

3. F.I.U.—Fighter Interception Unit.

4. Including one squadron in Northern Ireland.

5. Some of these squadrons were controlled by No 1 (Indian) Group for operations on the North-West Frontier.

6. G.R.—General Reconnaissance.