Army Air Forces in World War II: Volume 7

Services Around the World

Prepared under the editorship of

Wesley Frank Craven, Princeton University,

James Lea Cate, University of Chicago.

By Air Historical Group United States Air Force

Wilfred J. Paul, Col, USAF, Director

Albert F. Simpson, Air Force Historian

Table of Contents


Section 1: Air Transport

John D. Carter, Headquarters, U.S. Air Force

Frank H. Heck, Centre College of Kentucky

Chapter 1: The Air Transport Command

John D. Carter

Chapter 2: Airway to the Middle East

John D. Carter

Chapter 3: North Africa and the Mediterranean

John D. Carter

Chapter 4: The North Atlantic Route

John D. Carter

Chapter 5: Airline to China

Frank H. Heck

Chapter 6: The Northwest Air Route to Alaska

Frank H. Heck

Chapter 7: Across the Pacific

Frank H. Heck

Chapter 8: Traffic Homeward Bound

Frank H. Heck

Section 2. Aviation Engineers

John E. Fagg, New York University

Chapter 9: The Aviation Engineers in Africa and Europe

Chapter 10: Aviation Engineers in the War with Japan

Section 3. Weather and Communications

Jonas A. Jonasson, Linfield College

Chapter 11: The AAF Weather Service

Chapter 12: The Army Airways Communications System

Section 4. Medicine, Morale and Air-Sea Rescue

Dr. George V. LeRoy, University of Chicago Martin

R. R. Goldman

Jonas A. Jonasson, Linfield College

Chapter 13: The Medical Service of the AAF

Dr. George V. LeRoy

Chapter 14: Morale

Martin R. R. Goldman

Chapter 15: Air-Sea Rescue

Jonas A. Jonasson

Section 5. Women in the Air

Kathleen Williams Boom, University of Tennessee Extension Division, Memphis Center

Chapter 16: Women in the AAF

Section 6. Redeployment and Demobilization

Chauncey E. Sanders, USAF Historical Division

Chapter 17: Redeployment and Demobilization



List of Maps

The South Atlantic Route – African Air Routes – North Atlantic Air Routes – China-Burma-India Airway – Air Route to Alaska – South Pacific Airways – Southwest Pacific Airways – Central Pacific Airways

List of Illustrations

ATC Training Program – Radio Mechanics – Engine Mechanics – ATC Aircraft Types – Douglas C-47 – Curtiss C-46 – Consolidated C-87 – Douglas C-54 – ATC Planes at Iceland Base – ATC on the Ramp – Production-Line Maintenance, Tezgaon, India – Refueling, China Base – Loading C-46’s in India – By Native Labor – By ATC G.I.’s – The Hump Route – Take-off from Assam – Nearing Kunming – Transportation in China – Aviation Engineer (Airborne) with Light Equipment, BROADWAY, Burma – Aviation Engineers on Middleburg Island Clearing the Strip Laying Steel Mat Digging Coral for Base Finished Strip, Thirteen Days Later – Native Help for the Aviation Engineers Assam India – Heavy Equipment Guam Iceland – Replacing Steel Mat With Concrete, Greenland – Building B-29 Base at Isley Field, Saipan – Building Runways in India Aviation Engineer Style Native Style – Guarding Aviation Engineers from Japanese Snipers, Guam – Inflating Weather Balloon, Keflavik, Iceland – Marianas Islands Launching Weather Balloon Reading Meteorological Instruments – Theodolite Operator, Greenland Base – AACS, Anguar Island: Radio Station and Homing Beacon – AACS, Anguar Island: Transcribing Radio Messages – AACS, Anguar Island: Control Board – AACS Control Tower, Myitkyina, Burma – Air Evacuation from China Hand Loading on C-46 Hand Loading on C-54 – Air Evacuation Stopover at Iceland Lashing Down on C-87, China – Administering Blood Plasma – Mail Call, Bassingbourn, England – Dancing G.I. Style, Fighter Base, England Kanaka Style, B-29 Base, Saipan – AAF Entertainers On Tour of Pacific Bases At Thirteenth Air Force Base – Voting Service, Seventh Air Force – Celebrities: At Nam Lip, Burma – Celebrities: At Bomber Base in England – Celebrities: At Air Depot in England – Celebrities: At Air Base in Lancashire, England – Athletics, Eighth Air Force Base, England – Easter Sunrise Service, Thirteenth Air Force – Enlisted Men’s Clubs in India At ATC Base At Air Depot Panagarh – Air-Sea Rescue Fifth Air Force B-24 Spotting Survivors Thirteenth Air Force Catalina Taxiing in for Pick-up – Rescue of General Twining and Crew in Coral Sea Approach of Rafts to Navy PBY Rescuer Swimming Out With Line Coming Ashore Safe After Six Days on a Raft – Catalina Pick-Ups By Thirteenth Air Force By Fifth Air Force – Air Wacs With Eighth Air Force in England: Switchboard Operator – Air Wacs With Eighth Air Force in England Teletype Operators In Mobile Control Unit Truck Stenographer – Air Wacs With Eighth Air Force in England: Bakeress T/5 – Air Wac: Welder for ATC in India – Air Wacs in CBI – Over the Hump to China Arriving at Chungking Air Wacs in CBI – Reception at Chungking