List of Events from September 1944 to September 1945

Events described in this volume are shown in bold.

1944 17 Sept First Allied Airborne Army lands in Holland
5 Oct British forces land on mainland of Greece
6 Oct Headquarters 3rd Division opens at Torokina
10 Oct American Third Fleet attacks Okinawa
11 Oct American Third Fleet attacks Luzon in the Philippines
20 Oct American forces invade Leyte
23–26 Oct Naval Battle of Leyte Gulf
4 Nov Troops of 6th Brigade land at Jacquinot Bay
8 Nov Headquarters 6th Division opens at Aitape
13 Nov Relief of Americans in Cape Hoskins area of New Britain completed by troops of 5th Division
24 Nov Superfortresses attack Japan from bases in the Marianas
16 Dec Germans open counter-offensive in Ardennes
1945 3 Jan Allies occupy Akyab in Burma
9 Jan American forces land on Luzon
22 Jan Burma Road re-opened
4 Feb Mr Churchill, President Roosevelt and Marshal Stalin meet at Yalta Conference
19 Feb American forces land on Iwo Jima
10 Mar American forces land on Mindanao
28 Mar–5 Apr Japanese attacks on Slater’s Knoll
1 Apr Americans land on Okinawa
12 Apr Death of President Roosevelt
28 Apr Mussolini shot by partisans in Italy
30 Apr Hitler commits suicide in Berlin
1 May Troops of 26th Brigade land on Tarakan Island
3 May Rangoon captured
7 May Germany surrenders unconditionally
8 May VE-Day
11 May Wewak captured by 6th Division
10 June Troops of 9th Division land at Brunei Bay
26 June United Nations Charter signed at San Francisco
1 July Troops of 7th Division land at Balikpapan
5 July Death of Mr John Curtin
17 July Potsdam Conference
6 Aug First atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima
9 Aug Atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki
15 Aug VJ-Day. All offensive action against Japan comes to an end
2 Sept Japanese envoys sign the Allied instrument of surrender aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.