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Appendix 2

The principal appointments and the order of battle for 2 NZ Division for the period 11 November 1942–13 May 1943 were:

Divisional Headquarters
GOC Lt-Gen Sir Bernard Freyberg, VC (to 30 Apr 1943)
Maj-Gen H. K. Kippenberger
GSO I Col R. C. Queree
AA & QMG Lt-Col A. E. Hillier, North Staffordshire Regiment (to 19 Nov 1942)
Lt-Col B. Barrington
CSO Lt-Col G. L. Agar
Divisional Cavalry Regiment
CO Lt-Col J. H. Sutherland (to 28 Jan 1943)
Lt-Col I. L. Bonifant
Divisional Artillery
CRA Brig C. E. Weir
36 Survey Battery Maj R. G. Drummond
4 Field Regiment (25, 26, 46 Btys) Lt- Col G. J. O. Stewart (to 3 Mar 1943)
Maj H. E. Gilbert (to 10 Mar 1943)
Lt-Col W. D. Philp
5 Field Regiment (27, 28, 47 Btys) Lt-Col K. W. R. Glasgow
6 Field Regiment (29, 30, 48 Btys) Lt-Col C. L. Walter
14 Light Anti-Aircraft ‘Regiment (41, 42, 43 Btys) Lt-Col J. F. R. Sprosen
7 Anti-Tank Regiment Lt-Col J. M. Mitchell
Divisional Engineers
CRE Lt-Col F. M. H. Hanson
5 Field Park Company Maj K. Rix-Trott
6 Field Company Maj J. N. Anderson
7 Field Company Maj C. F. Skinner (to 2 Mar 1943)
Maj H. C. Page
8 Field Company Maj R. C. Pemberton
5 Infantry Brigade
Comd Brig H. K. Kippenberger (to 30 Apr 1943)
Brig R. W. Harding
21 Battalion Lt-Col R. W. Harding (to 30 Apr 1943)
Lt-Col M. C. Fairbrother
23 Battalion Lt-Col R. E. Romans (to 20 Apr 1943)
Lt-Col J. R. J. Connolly
28 (Maori) Battalion Lt-Col C. M. Bennett (to 20 Apr 1943)
Lt-Col K. A. Keiha
6 Infantry Brigade
Comd Brig W. G. Gentry (to 22 Apr 1943)
Brig G. B. Parkinson
24 Battalion Lt-Col R. G. Webb (to 16 Dec 1942)
Lt-Col J. Conolly
25 Battalion Lt-Col I. L. Bonifant (to 28 Jan 1943)
Lt-Col T. B. Morten
26 Battalion Lt- Col D. J. Fountaine
27 (Machine-Gun) Battalion Lt-Col A. W. White (to 31 Jan 1943)
Lt-Col R. L. McGaffin (to 3 Apr 1943)
Lt-Col J. K. Robbie
Army Service Corps
CRASC Col S. H. Crump
Divisional Ammunition Company Maj P. E. Coutts (to 26 Jan 1943)
Maj S. A. Sampson
Divisional Petrol Company Maj G. S. Forbes
Divisional Supply Company Maj N. W. Pryde (to 5 Dec 1942)
Maj J. R. Morris
4 Reserve Mechanical Transport Company Maj I. E. Stock
6 Reserve Mechanical Transport Company Maj A. G. Hood (to 2 Feb 1943)
Maj G. G. Good
Medical Corps
ADMS Col P. A. Ardagh (to 16 Feb 1943)
Col F. P. Furkert
4 Field Ambulance Lt-Col R. D. King
5 Field Ambulance Lt-Col J. P. McQuilkin
6 Field Ambulance Lt-Col F. P. Furkert (to 16 Feb 1943)
Lt-Col W. B. Fisher
Mobile Dental Unit Maj W. G. Middlemass
Ordnance Corps
ADOS Lt-Col A. H. Andrews (to 1 Dec 1942)
Lt-Col J. O. Kelsey
Ordnance Field Park Maj H. B. Ward
Ordnance Field Workshops Maj G. D. Pollock (to 22 Nov 1942)
Maj P. C. M. Carlton
Electrical and Mechanical Engineers
CREME Lt-Col A. H. Andrews (from 1 Dec 1942)
Provost Company Maj E. W. Hayton (to 16 Feb 1943)
Maj H. M. Blacklock
Divisional Postal Unit Lt W. H. McClure

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