Note: In usage the original meaning of code names frequently becomes corrupted.

AAB Army Air Base
AACS Army Airways Communications System
AAFAC Army Air Forces Antisubmarine Command
AAFIB Army Air Force in Great Britain
AAG Air Adjutant General
ABDACOM American-British-Dutch-Australian Command
ABDAIR Air Commander, American-British-Dutch-Australian Command
AC Air Corps
AC/AS Assistant Chief of Air Staff
A/Cdre. Air Commodore
ACFC Air Corps Ferrying Command
ACM Air Chief Marshal
AC/S Assistant Chief of Staff
ACTS Air Corps Tactical School
Actv. Activation
AD Air Depot
ADC Alaska Defense Command
ADP Airport Development Program
AEF American Expeditionary Force
AFACE Assistant Chief of Air Staff-5
AFACT Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Training
ATAEP Assistant Chief of Air Staff, Plans
AFAFC Ferrying Command
AFATC Air Transport Command
AFCAS Chief of Air Staff
AFCC Air Force Combat Command
AFDAS Deputy Chief of Air Staff
AFDMR Directorate of Military Requirements
AFDOP Directorate of Personnel
AFMOP Directorate of Organizational Planning
AFPMP Military Personnel Division
AFRDB Directorate of Bombardment
AFRIT Directorate of Individual Training
AFROM Movements and Operations Division
AFSC Air Force Service Command
AFSHO Office of Air Force History
AG Adjutant General
AGF Army Ground Forces
AGO Office of The Adjutant General
AGWAR Adjutant General, War Department
AI Airborne interception
AIPO American Institute of Public Opinion
AL American Liaison
ALUSNA United States Navy attaché
AM Air Marshal
ANIMISCA American Military Mission in China
AMSEG Cable designation for Asmara Headquarters Traffic
ANZAC Allied naval task force for protection of South Pacific route, February—March 1942
AOC Air Officer Commanding
Aquila Tenth Air Force Headquarters
AQUILA, FORCE Advanced bombing detachment for China–Burma–India theater
AR Army Regulation
ARCADIA Washington conference, 20 December 1941–14 January 1942
AS Air Service
ASC Air Service Command
ASTS Air Service Tactical School
ASV Air to surface vessel
ASW Antisubmarine warfare
AS/W Assistant Secretary of War
ATC Air Transport Command
ATFERO Atlantic Ferrying Organization
ATIS Allied Translator and Intelligence Service
ATSC Air Technical Service Command
AVG American Volunteer Group
AVM Air Vice Marshal
AWPD Air War Plans Division
BB Battleship
BC Bomber Command
BLACK, JPB U.S. Joint Board plan for seizure of Dakar
BLUIE EAST 2 Angmagssalik, Greenland
BLUIE WEST 1 Narsarssuak, Greenland
BLUIE WEST 8 Sondre Stromfjord, Greenland
BOLERO Build-up of American armed forces in the United Kingdom
BR Task Force Britain
CAA Civil Aeronautics Administration (Authority)
C/AAF Chief of Army Air Forces
C/AC Chief of the Air Corps
CAIRO Task force for defense of Egypt
C/AS Chief of Air Service; Chief of Air Staff
CATF China Air Task Force
CCRC Combat Crew Replacement Center
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CG Commanding General
CINCAF Commander in Chief, Air Force
CinCPac Commander in Chief, Pacific
CM Cable message
CMTC Combined Military Transportation Committee
CNAC China National Aviation Corporation
C/NO Chief of Naval Operations
CO Commanding Officer
Com. Communications
Comdr. Commander
Comdt. Commandant
COMINCH Commander in Chief, U.S. Navy
Comp. Composite
ComSoPac Commander South Pacific
CPS Combined Planning Staff
CRYSTAL Weather station
C/S Chief of Staff
CSA Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
CSigO Chief Signal Officer
DC/S Deputy Chief of Staff
DD Destroyer
Det. Detachment
D/P Directorate of Personnel (British)
ED Engineering Division
EDATC Eastern Division, Air Transport Command
EDC Eastern Defense Command
ESF Eastern Sea Frontier
ETO European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, United States Army
FC Ferrying Command; Fighter Command
FEAF Far East Air Force
FEASC Far East Air Service Command
FIVE ISLANDS Task force for defense of South Pacific ferry bases
FO Field Order
GASC Ground Air Support Command
G/C Group Captain
GCI Ground controlled interception
GHQ General Headquarters
GHQAF General Headquarters Air Force
GO General Order
GOC General Officer Commanding
GSF Gulf Sea Frontier
GYMNAST U.S. Joint Board plan for seizure of Casablanca
HALPRO Bombing detachment for China–Burma–India theater
HB Heavy bomber
IFF Identification friend or foe
Incl. Inclosed; inclosure
Ind. Indorsement
Intel. Intelligence
Intr. Interrogation
I&S Intelligence and Security
JAC Joint Aircraft Committee
JANAC Joint Army-Navy Assessment Commission
JB Joint Board
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JPC Joint Planners Committee
JPS Joint Planning Staff
JSP Joint Staff Planners
JUNIOR Twelfth Air Force
JUSSC Joint United States Security Committee
LB Light bomber
MA Military attaché
MAB Munitions Assignments Board
MAG Marine aircraft group
MAGNET Plan for U.S. troops to replace British troops in Northern Ireland
MAP Ministry of Aircraft Production
Mat. Materiel
MB Medium bomber
MD Materiel Division
MEW Microwave early warning
MID Military Intelligence Division
MILID Military Intelligence Division
MIS Military Intelligence Service
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NADATC North Atlantic Division, Air Transport Command
NANCF North Atlantic Naval Coastal Frontier
Necal New Caledonia
NEI Netherlands East Indies
OCAC Office of the Chief of the Air Corps
ONI Office of Naval Intelligence
OPD Operations Division, War Department General Staff
ORS Operational Research Section
OTU Operational training unit
PAA Pan American Airways
PAAF Pan American Air Ferries, Inc.
PINETREE Headquarters, VIII Bomber Command, High Wycombe
PM Prime Minister
POA Pacific Ocean Area
POPPY New Caledonia Task Force
PPI Plan position indicator
PRO Public Relations Office
RAAF Royal Australian Air Force
Rad. Radiogram
RAF Royal Air Force
RAFDEL Royal Air Force delegation
RAINBOW No. 5 Joint basic war plan (1941) for offense in Europe and defense in Pacific
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
Recon. Reconnaissance
ROUNDUP Plan for invasion of western Europe, spring 1943
SADU Sea-Search Attack Development Unit
S/AS Secretary of Air Staff
SE Single engine
Sec. Section; Secretary
SHADOW 82 Plan for Army Air Forces to understudy and relieve Royal Air Force fighter units in Northern Ireland
SLEDGEHAMMER Plan for emergency landing in western Europe, October–November 1942
S/N Secretary of Navy
SO Special Order
SOS Services of Supply
SPENAVO Special Naval Observer Group
SPOBS Special Observer Group, U.S. Army
SSA Sea-Search Attack
SUMAC Australia
SUPER-GYMNAST Projected plan to combine United States and British plans for seizure of Dakar, Casablanca, and Tunisia
S/W Secretary of War
SWPA Southwest Pacific Area,
TAG The Adjutant General
TE Twin engine
TF Task force
TM Technical manual
TORCH Plan for Allied landings in North and Northwest Africa, November 1942
TR Training Regulation
TRIGGER Plan to set up a model air defense sector in America with Royal Air Force aid
TURBINLITE Plan to provide Army Air Forces night fighter squadron with Royal Air Force equipment and training
USAFBI United States Army Forces in British Isles
USAFFE United States Army Forces in Far East
USAFIA United States Army Forces in Australia
USAFIB United States Army Forces in Britain
USAFISPA United States Army Forces in South Pacific
USFOR United States Forces
USSBS United States Strategic Bombing Survey
VHF Very high frequency
W/C Wing Commander
WDC Western Defense Command
WDGS War Department General Staff
WIDEWING Eighth Air Force Headquarters at Bushy Park
WPD War Plans Division, War Department General Staff
X Task force to move heavy bombers to Australia