AA Antiaircraft (or Antiaircraft artillery)
AAFSAT AAF School of Applied Tactics
AAFTAC AAF Tactical Center
ABC American-British Conversations (January—March 1941)
AC/AS Assistant Chief of Air Staff
ACER Air Corps Enlisted Reserve
AF CC Air Force Combat Command
AGCT Army General Classification Test
AGF Army Ground Forces
AGP Aircraft grounded for lack of parts
AM Air Marshal
ANSCOL Army-Navy Staff College
APB Aircraft Production Board
ARCO Aircraft Resources Control Office
ASC Air Service Command
ASF Army Service Forces
ASWAAF Arms and Services with the AAF
ATC Air Transport Command
ATSC Air Technical Service Command
AVM Air Vice-Marshal
AWPD Air War Plans Division
AWS Aircraft warning service
AWUTC Aircraft Warning Unit Training Center
BTC Basic training center
BTO Bombing through overcast
CAA Civil Aeronautics Administration (or Authority)
CAF Continental Air Forces
CARW Civilian air-raid warning system
CBI China-Burma-India
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CCTS Combat crew training school (or station)
CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations
COA Committee of Operations Analysts
CTD Consolidated training directive
CWS Chemical Warfare Service
DAO Defense Aid Organization
D/F Direction finding
EDC Eastern Defense Command
ETO European Theater of Operations
FSS Field Service Section
G CI Ground-controlled interception
GEE Government-furnished equipment
GHQ General Headquarters
IF High frequency
IFF Identification friend or foe
JAC Joint Aircraft Committee
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JWPC Joint War Plans Committee
MA Mechanical aptitude test
MAC Munitions Assignments Committee (Air)
M&S Materiel and Services
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology
MM&D Materiel, Maintenance, and Distribution
MTO Mediterranean Theater of Operations
MTU Mobile training unit
NACA National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics
NDAC National Defense Advisory Commission
NDRC National Defense Research Committee
NEI Netherlands East Indies
OCAC Office, Chief of Air Corps
OC&R Operations, Commitments, and Requirements
OCS Officer candidate school
OPD Operations Division (War Department General Staff)
OPM Office of Production Management
ORD Overseas replacement depot
OSRD Office of Scientific Research and Development
OTS Officer training school
OTU Operational training unit
PAA Pan American Airways System
PDC AAF Personnel Distribution Command
POE Port of embarkation
POM Preparation for overseas movement
RAF Royal Air Force
RCAF Royal Canadian Air Force
ROM Radio operator-mechanic
RTU Replacement training unit
SCR Signal Corps Radio
SOS Services of Supply
SPOG Special Observer Group
SWPA Southwest Pacific Area
TAG The Adjutant General
T/O Table of organization
TORCH Allied landings in North and Northwest Africa, November 1942
TTC Technical Training Command
UR Unsatisfactory Report
VHB Very heavy bomber
VHF Very high frequency
VLR Very long range
WAAC Women's Army Auxiliary Corps
WASP Women Airforce Service Pilots
W/C Wing Commander
WCTC West Coast Training Center
WD War Department
WDGS War Department General Staff
WPA Works Progress Administration
WPB War Production Board
WPD War Plans Division
ZEC-2 Airplane carrier (converted C-3 type cargo vessel)