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List of Abbreviations

AAF Army Air Forces
ACS Assistant Chief of Staff
Act Acting
Admin Administrative; Administrator
AEC Atomic Energy Commission
AEM Architect-Engineer-Manager
AFL American Federation of Labor
AFSWP Armed Forces Special Weapons Project
Agri Agriculture
ANMB Army and Navy Munitions Board
Ann(s) Annex(es)
AR Army Regulation
ASF Army Service Forces
Asst(s) Assistant(s)
ASTP Army Specialized Training Program
Att Attachment
Attn Attention
Atty Attorney
Bldg Building
BPA Bonneville Power Administration
Br Branch
Budg Budget
Bull(s) Bulletin(s)
Bur Bureau
Cdr Commander
CDT Combined Development Trust
CE Corps of Engineers
Cert(s) Certificate(s)
CEW Clinton Engineer Works
CG Commanding General
CIC Counterintelligence Corps
CINCAFPAC Commander in Chief, U.S. Army Forces, Pacific
CINCPOA Commander in Chief, Pacific Ocean Areas
CIO Congress of Industrial Organizations
Cir Circular
Cmd Command

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CO Commanding Officer
Co Company
Comm Commerce
Conf Conference
Cong Congress
Constr Construction
Corp Corporation
Corresp Correspondence
CPC Combined Policy Committee
CPFF Cost Plus Fixed Fee
CWS Chemical Warfare Service
DASA Defense Atomic Support Agency
Def Defense
Delia Delivery
Dep Deputy
Dept Department
Det Detachment
DF Disposition Form
Diff Diffusion
Dir Director
Dist District
Div Division
DSM Development of Substitute Materials
Engr(s) Engineer(s)
Env Envelope
Equip Equipment
ETO European Theater of Operations
ETOUSA European Theater of Operations, U.S. Army
Ex Executive
Fab Fabrication
FBI Federal Bureau of Investigation
Fwd Forward
FY Fiscal Year
G-1 Personnel
G-2 Intelligence
Gen General
GO General Orders
GOCO Government Owned, Contractor Operated
Govt Government
Gp Group
GSC General Staff Corps

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H House
HB Harrison-Bundy
HEW Hanford Engineer Works
Hist History
HQ Headquarters
Hwy Highway
IBM International Business Machines
ICC Interstate Commerce Commission
Intel Intelligence
Incl Inclosure
Ind Indorsement
Insp Inspector; Inspection
Instl(s) Installation(s)
Instr(s) Instruction(s)
Interv Interview
Intro Introduction
JCS Joint Chiefs of Staff
JNW Joint Committee on New Weapons and Equipment
Just Justice
K-25 Gaseous diffusion project
K-27 Gaseous diffusion extension unit
Lab Laboratory
LASL Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory
Ldr Leader
Ltr Letter
Mad Madison
Maint Maintenance
Man Managing
Mat Materials
MD Manhattan District
Med Medical
MED Manhattan Engineer District
Memo Memorandum
Met Metallurgical
Mfg Manufacturing
Mgr Manager
MID Military Intelligence Division
Mil Military
Min Minutes
MIS Military Intelligence Service
Misc Miscellaneous
MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology

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MP Manhattan Project; Military Policy; Military Police
MPC Military Policy Committee
Ms Manuscript
MSA Madison Square Area
Mtg Meeting
Mtn(s) Mountain(s)
Natl(s) National(s)
NDRC National Defense Research Committee
NLRB National Labor Relations Board
No Number
NWLB National War Labor Board
OCE Office of the Chief of Engineers
OCG Office of the Commanding General
OCO Office of the Chief of Ordnance
OCS Office of the Chief of Staff
ODT Office of Defense Transportation
OEM Office of Emergency Management
Off(s) Officer(s)
OIC Officer in Charge
OIG Office of the Inspector General
OPD Operations Division
OPMG Office of the Provost Marshal General
Opn(s) Operations
OQMG Office of the Quartermaster General
Ord Ordnance
ORD Ohio River Division
Org(s) Organization(s)
OSG Office of the Surgeon General
OSRD Office of Scientific Research and Development
OWU Office of War Utilities
P-9 Heavy Water
PED Provisional Engineer Detachment
PD Pacific Division
PR Press Release
Prelim Preliminary
Prgm(s) Program(s)
Prod Production
Proj(s) Project(s)
Promo(s) Promotion(s)
Prov(s) Provision(s); Provisional
Pub Public
Rad Radiation
R & D Research & Development

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Re Regarding
Rec(s) Record(s); Recording
Reg(s) Regulation(s)
Rels Relations
Res Resolution
Rev Revision; Revised
Rpt(s) Report(s)
S Senate
S-1 OSRD’s uranium program
S-50 Liquid thermal diffusion project
SCAP Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers
Scty Security
Sec Section
Sect’ Secretary
SED Special Engineer Detachment
Sen Senator
Ser Series
Sess Session
SHAEF Supreme Headquarters, Allied Expeditionary Force
SMI Safeguarding Military Information
SOS Services of Supply
Spec Special
Sq Square
Sup Superseding
Supp Supplement
Supt Superintendent
Surg Surgeon
Svc Service
SW Southwest
SWD Southwestern Division
TA Tube Alloys
‘FAG The Adjutant General
TEC Tennessee Eastman Corporation
Tech Technical
Telecon Telephone conversation
Telg Telegram
Therm Thermal
Trans Transportation
Treas Treasury
TVA Tennessee Valley Authority
Und Under
Univ University
USASTAF United States Army Strategic Air Forces
USN United States Navy

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USSBS United States Strategic Bombing Survey
WAAC Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps
WAC Women’s Army Corps
WD War Department
WDGS War Department General Staff
WDSS War Department Special Staff
West Western
WMC War Manpower Commission
WPB War Production Board
Wpn(s) Weapon(s)
WW I World War I
WW II World War II
X-10 Plutonium project
Y-12 Electromagnetic project
ZI Zone of Interior