AAF Army Air Forces
AAR After action report
AB Airborne
ACCOLADE Seizure of the Dodecanese


German plan to take over the control of Italy
ACV Auxiliary aircraft carrier or tender
Admin Administrative
Adv Advance
AFHQ Allied Force Headquarters
AGF Army Ground Forces
AGP Army group
AGWAR Adjutant General, War Department
AK Cargo ship


Occupation of northern Italy by Rommel’s Army Group B if Italy collapsed politically.

AP Transport ship
ARCADIA U.S.-British staff conference at Washington, December 1941-January 1942
Arty Artillery
AT Antitank (gun)
AVALANCHE Amphibious assault, Salerno, Italy
BARCLAY Plan to induce the Axis to give priority to maintaining and reinforcing its forces in southern France and the Balkans
BARRACUDA Plan for a sea and airborne assault on Naples. Canceled.
BAYTOWN Invasion of the Italian mainland opposite Messina
Bd Board
Br British, branch
BRIMSTONE Plan for capture of Sardinia
BUTTRESS British operation against toe of Italy
CAD Civil Affairs Division
CC (A, B, C) Combat Command (A, B, C)
CCAC Combined Civil Affairs Committee
CCS Combined Chiefs of Staff
CENT Code name for beaches at Scoglitti
Chem Chemical
CHESTNUT Four airborne missions sent by Montgomery in an effort to aid his army in Sicily with airborne troops
CIC Counter Intelligence Corps
Conf Conference
CORKSCREW Operation against Pantelleria, Italy, mid-June 1943
COS British Chiefs of Staff
Cositinreps Combined situation and intelligence reports
DCofS Deputy Chief of Staff
DIME Code name for beaches in Gela area
ENTF Eastern Naval Task Force
Exec Executive
FA Field Artillery
FAN Symbol for messages from Commander in Chief, Allied Expeditionary Force, to the Combined Chiefs of Staff
FATIMA Mason-MacFarlane Mission
FBIS Foreign Broadcast Information Service
FIREBRAND Invasion of Corsica, 1943
FO Field order
G-1 Personnel section of division or higher staff
G-2 Intelligence section of division or higher staff
G-3 Operations section of division or higher staff
G-4 Logistics and supply section of division or higher staff
G-5 Civil affairs section of division or higher staff
GANGWAY Plan for an unopposed landing in Naples. Canceled.
GIANT I Plan for an air landing and drop along the Volturno River. Canceled.
GIANT II Plan for an airdrop near Rome. Canceled.
GMDS German Military Documents Section, Alexandria
GOBLET Invasion of Italy at Cotrone. Canceled.
GSUSA General Staff, U.S. Army
HARDIHOOD Aid to Turkey to induce her to enter the war
HUSKY Allied invasion of Sicily in July 1943
Instr(s) Instructions
Intel Intelligence
JIC Joint Intelligence Committee
Joss Code name for beaches in Licata area
JP Joint Planners (British)
JPS Joint Staff Planners (U.S.)
JWPC Joint War Plans Committee


German combat group of variable size


Reinforcement of German troops in the Balkans and Greece


German plan for seizure of the Mt. Cenis Pass (part of Plan ACHSE)

LCI landing craft, infantry
LCI (L) landing craft, infantry (large)
LCM landing craft, mechanized
LCT landing craft, tank
LCVP landing craft, vehicle and personnel


Evacuation of German troops from Sicily to the Italian mainland, 11–17 August 1943.
LST Landing ship, tank
Ltr Letter
MAC Mediterranean Air Command
Min Minutes
Med Mediterranean
MEF Middle East Forces (British)
MIDEAST Middle East
MINCEMEAT Cover plan in connection with HUSKY to induce the Germans to believe that Allied objectives were Sardinia and the Peloponnesus
MTB Motor Transport Brigade
Mtg Meeting
MUSKET Projected landing on heel of Italy near Taranto, 1943
MUSTANG Plan for an overland seizure of Naples after initial landings in Calabria. Canceled.
MVSN Fascist Militia
NAAF Northwest African Air Forces
NAAFTCC Northwest African Air Force Troop Carrier Command
NAF Symbol for messages from the Combined Chiefs of Staff to the Commander in Chief, Allied Expeditionary Force
NARS National Archives and Records Service
NASAF Northwest African Strategic Air Force
NATAF Northwest African Tactical Air Force


Oberbefehlshaber Sued (Headquarters, Commander in Chief South)

OCMH Office, Chief of Military History

Oberkommando des Heeres


Oberkommando der Kriegsmarine


Oberkommando der Luftwaffe


Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (German Armed Forces High Command)

OPD Operations Division
Opns Operations
OSS Office of Strategic Services
OVRA Italian Secret Police
Prov Provisional
Rcd Record
RCT Regimental combat team
Reinf Reinforced
ROUNDHAMMER A cross-Channel operation, intermediate in size between SLEDGEHAMMER and ROUNDUP
ROUNDUP Various 1941–43 plans for a cross-Channel attack in the final phases of the war
S-3 Operations section, regimental or lower echelon


German plan for occupying the southern coast of France (part of Plan ACHSE)

SIM Servizio Informazione Militari (Military Intelligence Service)
Sitrep Situation report
SLEDGEHAMMER Plan for a limited-objective attack across the Channel in 1942 designed either to take advantage of a crack in German morale or as a “sacrifice” operation to aid the Russians
SNOL Senior naval officer, landings
SOC “Seagull”; single-engine Navy scout-observation (VSO) land plane or seaplane, biplane

Stato Maggiore Generale (Comando Supremo)

Italian Armed Forces High Command and General Staff

Stato Maggiore Regia Aeronautica (Superaereo)

Italian Air Force High Command and General Staff

Stato Maggiore Regio Esercito (Superesercito)

Italian Army High Command and General Staff

Stato Maggiore Regia Marina (Supermarina)

Italian Navy High Command and General Staff
Sum Summary
Tel Telephone
Telg Telegram
Tk Tank
T/O Table of Organization
TORCH Allied invasion of North and Northwest Africa, 1942
TRIDENT International conference in Washington, May 1943
VULCAN Operation against the Germans holding out on Cape Bon
WDCSA Chief of Staff, U.S. Army
WDGO War Department General Order


Wehrmachtführungsstab (German Armed Forces Operations Staff)

WNTF Western Naval Task Force